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4 Job Opportunities at Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation

Location: Mwanza

Title: Finance Director 
Reports To: Chief of Party/Executive Director
Department: Finance 
Duty Station: Mwanza , Tanzania
Classification: Full-time, Two-years contract (renewable) / Professional

Position Summary: 
 The Finance Director is responsible for overseeing the finance and administrative functions of the program ensuring compliance with the award terms. The Finance Director will be responsible for management of all accounting, including sub-grants, and ensure financial operations are in compliance with USAID regulations. S/he will be responsible for ensuring that adequate financial management systems are in place and functioning. 
S/he will maintain transparent financial and reporting procedures and effective operation of financial controls and will provide concise and timely financial reports that will give an overview of the financial status of the award.  S/he will be responsible for record-keeping, financial functions and internal control systems. S/he will work closely with the COP and other team members to ensure resources are effectively and efficiently budgeted and managed to achieve activity deliverables.

 Duties and Responsibilities:
 • Provide oversight of financial management, monitoring, procurement, and reporting for all project tasks.
• Establish and maintain sound and transparent accounting and fiscal control procedures for financial, sub award and operations aspects of program;
• Supervise a team of finance staff and ensure their compliant and efficient support to the program’s activities.
• Ensure proper books of accounts are maintained and kept up to date within Baylor- Tanzania policy guidelines
• Review donor contracts to ensure that budgets are in line with donor requirement  and Baylor – Tanzania standards of financial operations;
• Maintains a system of tracking donor financial reports and ensuring Baylor Tanzania is in compliance with Donor deadlines.
• Reviews all the prepared Donor financial reports and ensure the approval of such reports by Chief of Director before submission.
• Analysis of actual to budget results to identify problems in accounting or compliance.
• Ensure compliance with all Baylor – Tanzania  and USAID financial regulations, preparing and delivering all USAID required audit reports, and ensuring that audit findings and recommendations are properly addressed
•  Develop, analyze and monitor program budgets; monitor and track obligations and expenditures against budgets;
• Monitor donor call down request  and  cash flow planning
•  Advise senior leadership regularly on financial and operations-related matters;
• Contribute to the development of high-quality work plans, quarterly and annual reports, financial reports, and any other reports required by USAID;
• Ensure statutory requirements are made in time
• Supervises all Baylor - Tanzania bank relations and bank account activities.
• Supervises the timely preparation and review of all the monthly bank account and cash reconciliations.
• Carry out any other duties that may be assigned by the management or Donor

The Finance Director should have the following minimum qualifications:
• Masters’ Degree or CPA and a Bachelor' degree in accounting or a related field from a recognized university or equivalent
• Demonstrated experience in managing and supervising a team
• An outstanding interpersonal skills and eager to work in a multicultural organization
• Seven years experience in financial management of USG assistance programs of similar size, complexity and setting
• Expertise in USG cost principles, rules and regulations and applying these in program decision-making
• Demonstrated experience in supporting and working with program technical staff to ensure resources are used efficiently and to accurately account for expenditures
• Demonstrated experience in managing sub-grants including risk assessment and working with host government entities as grantees.
• Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing
• Exceptional computer skills, particularly in Microsoft Excel, and experience using commercially available accounting software programs
• Excellent record of accurate and on-time reporting to donor agencies

Director of Monitoring Evaluation and learning
Location: Mwanza
Title: Director of Monitoring Evaluation and learning
Reports To: Chief of Party/Executive Director
Department: Monitoring and Evaluation
Duty Station: Mwanza -  Tanzania
Classification: Full-time, Two-years contract (renewable) / Professional

Position Summary:
The Director of Monitoring Evaluation and learning, under the supervision of the COP, will be responsible for M&E technical oversight., manage and implement cPTCT monitoring, evaluation and training plan, specific to the National guidelines, support program planning at country level, and help organization’s understanding of its program approaches and outcomes. He/she will contribute to the project’s information management by advising on the planning, design, and strengthening of project MEL systems at different levels.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provide direct support and technical assistance for the development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation system/framework including the Activity Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning Plan. Plan which includes targets and a results framework.
• Manage the development and implementation of program evaluations, assessments and research activities as well as the Collaborating, Learning and adapting Plan
• Support the project team and MoHCDGEC stakeholders to develop and use harmonized data capture tools and data analysis plans for reportable indicators at all levels, ensuring timeliness, quality and completeness of service data in line with the national and county information management systems
• Research, compile, write, and submit information, including results and their analysis, for project reports, including the quarterly and annual reports, and respond to requests for data from USAID and other stakeholders
• Supervise program M&E staff and provide technical support, training and mentoring to M&E officers .
• Ensure data quality by conducting data quality assessments (DQAs) on all project indicators.
• Prepare technical reports, summaries, protocols, qualitative and quantitative analyses based on results to assist project in adjusting program activities.
• Oversee the design and implementation of any assessments, special studies and operation research required by the project.
• Collect and disseminate best practices and lessons learned from the project.
• Prepare routine reports, presentations, brochures, project summary sheets, newsletters, highlights and other publications as required by the project.
• Ensure the continuous monitoring of program progress in close collaboration with MoHCDGEC, USAID, and other implementing partners.

The MEL Director will have the following minimum qualifications:
• Master’s Degree in public health, demography, sociology, epidemiology, biostatistics, psychology or a related field
• Seven-years experience in monitoring, evaluation and research related to large-scale health development programs
• Three-years experience with management of MEL systems for USG health initiatives
• Demonstrated experience in target setting and reporting against USG health initiatives
• Excellent knowledge of data collection protocols for quality data collection and verification
• Exceptional ability to analyze multiple sources of data to identify data trends and provide recommendations on project implementation
• Demonstrated experience and familiarity with behavioral surveillance surveys, research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative research methods, data analysis, sampling methods, and establishment of MEL systems in developing country contexts
• Demonstrated experience leading and building the capacity of MEL officers in a decentralized setting

Technical Director
Location: Mbeya
Title: Technical Director
Reports To: Chief of Party/Executive Director
Department: Technical and clinical Services
Duty Station: Mbeya, Tanzania
Classification: Full-time, Two-years contract (renewable) / Professional

Position Summary: The Technical Director will work in close collaboration with the COP and the technical staff of the program to provide strategic input to the program. In collaboration with the Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer, s/he will monitor program results and be responsible for the quality and accuracy of technical interventions and results.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provides technical guidance for Comprehensive Pediatric Testing, Care and Treatment programs by updating implementing partners on technical advances and lessons learned around the world.
• Collaborates with other team ' members to ensure national and international standards, guidelines and protocols are adhered to.
• Participates in organizing regular technical updates/review meetings for Comprehensive Pediatric Testing, Care and Treatment to program staff.
• Provides continuous guidance and improvement of the quality of the care and treatment by regular application of quality improvement and Site improvement and Monitoring Systems approaches.
•  Develop and scale up change packages that addressing the gaps and challenges to ensure continuum of care and response in attaining the 90-90-90 targets in scale up districts.
• Supports health facilities in achieving and maintaining ART accreditation.
•  Leads and supports other quality assurance activities as required.
• Provides technical guidance during the development of program annual work plan and participates in the planning and budgeting activities.
• Coordinates technical reporting according to denned reporting schedule and writes regular monitoring and technical reports as required and contribute to Baylor – Tanzania  reports.
•  Assists in identifying, documenting, disseminating and scaling up best practices in Comprehensive Pediatric Testing, Care and Treatment.
• Represent Baylor Tanzanit in the supported districts and at national level.

The Technical Director will have the following minimum qualifications:
● Master’s Degree in public health, social sciences, international development, or a related field
● Five years senior level management experience in the design, implementation, and management of programs of similar size, complexity, and setting
● Ten years senior level experience in health programming and service delivery in Pediatrics and adolescent care, HIV/AIDS, TB and RCH
● Knowledge of USG Health initiatives and related reporting requirements and funding parameters
● Exceptional English written and oral communication skills.

Chief of Party (COP)/ Executive Director (ED)
Location: Mwanza
Title: Chief of Party (COP)/ Executive Director (ED)
Reports To: Chairman, Board of Directors; Chief Operating Officer, Baylor College of   Medicine International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI)     
Department: Administration         
Duty Station: COE 
Classification: Executive

Position summary: 
The COP will provide overall leadership and managerial direction for the program. S/he will fulfill the diverse managerial requirements of the project. Based in Tanzania, the COP will have technical and management responsibility for all activities and personnel and will be the Recipient’s representative to USAID/Tanzania, GOT, other donors, and key stakeholders. The COP will have overall responsibility for addressing award related matters. S/he will be responsible for the smooth implementation of the project and for effectively addressing problems and challenges that arise during performance. S/he is responsible for timely and accurate delivery of all reports and other program products.

 The COP will have the following minimum qualifications:
• Doctor of medicine degree, Master’s Degree in public health or social sciences, international development, or a related field
• Ten years senior level management experience in the design, implementation, and management of programs of similar size, complexity, and setting
• Demonstrated experience in institutional strengthening approaches
• Demonstrated leadership skills and experience in building and maintain productive working relationships with a wide network of institutional partners and stakeholders, including host governments
• Proven record of building teams and fostering collaboration to achieve program goals, meet program milestones, and produce quality program results
• Knowledge of USG Health initiatives and related reporting requirements and funding parameters
• Exceptional English written and oral communication skills; Swahili is also preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure that all Trust operations and activities comply with the Deed of Trust, Conditions of Service, BIPAI service line agreements, memoranda of agreement and applicable laws of Tanzania.
Ensure alignment of all Trust activities (e.g., finance, administration, communications, public and government relations, clinical services, research, education, and outreach) with Tanzania law and established policies of the Trust, BIPAI and relevant partner institutions.
Supervise and evaluate the performance of department directors as defined in the Conditions of Service.
Provide feedback on the performance of Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), BIPAI, Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) staff, faculty and/or volunteers to relevant service line leadership as requested.
Responsible for leave and international travel as defined in the Conditions of Service
Review personnel, administrative and clinical policies and procedures, as defined in the Conditions of Service
Ensure alignment  with TCH service line partnerships with Trust policies, procedures and budget
Prepare annual strategic work plan and budget for approval by the Board
Supervise and coordinate development, provide expert review and ensure strategic alignment with BIPAI/BCM policies and procedures of all grant proposals for new and renewal grants with appropriate leadership and personnel
Supervised and coordinate development and provide expert review for all grant reporting, documentation and site visits with appropriate leadership and personnel
Supervise and coordinate fundraising and development activities, in partnership with the Board
Supervise and provide leadership on property management for all Trust assets
Report directly, as defined in Deed of Trust, to the Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer, BIPAI
Provide information/reports as required to the Board
Serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board, as defined in the Deed of Trust
Advocate in the public forum for issues that fall within the scope of the Trust’s mission and act as a resource in those areas for public officials, policy makers and the media
Report problems encountered by the Trust in a timely manner to the Chairman of the Board and designated BIPAI, BCM and TCH leadership
Facilitate and/or mediate partnerships on behalf of the Trust with appropriate leadership and personnel
Ensure regularly scheduled staff and management meetings, with timely minutes
Represent the Trust at appropriate external meetings, as needed
Facilitate the integration and participation of the Trust in the BIPAI Network and any other relevant BIPAI, BCM and TCH service line networks

Provide fiscal and budgetary oversight of the Trust.
Approve and monitor all expenditures of the Trust, in compliance with established BIPAI/BCM financial policies and procedures
Manage the Trust’s budget and expenditure variances to ensure proper financial management, reporting and stability
Review and approve monthly Trust financial statements, including but not limited to balance sheet, income/expense statement, bank reconciliations and monthly budget to actual expenditure reports, prior to submission to BIPAI
Ensure the Trust fully complies with BCM financial and accounting policies and procedures, as defined in the BIPAI Finance Handbook
Ensure external audits and annual reports are completed in a timely basis, as defined in the BIPAI Finance Handbook
Determine allocation of salary/benefits for the Trust in accordance with the Conditions of Service and approval by the Board
Participate, as needed, in the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of Trust personnel

Support clinical and research activities of the Trust.
Ensure any and all technical information developed by the Trust is reviewed and approved by appropriate leadership and personnel prior to dissemination and that the Trust, BIPAI, BCM and TCH are appropriately acknowledged
Ensure the complete and timely submission of all quarterly and annual reports to BIPAI, BCM, TCH and/or donors as required

Foster positive internal and external relations.
Facilitate communication with staff, patients, other institutions, organizations and the Board                Maintain awareness of the political milieu at the regional, national, and local levels
Facilitate, with legal counsel, policies, procedures and activities that have legal bearing on the Trust
Be able to articulate the vision and mission of the Trust, BIPAI and relevant TCH service lines to patients, community, institutions and collaborating partners
Maintain and ensure respectful and supportive interactions with the community
Maintain and ensure respect, appreciation and support of volunteers
Stimulate community support for the Trust through contacts in the community and actively engage local and national institutions and non-government organizations related to the mission of the Trust

Foster a positive atmosphere whereby staff is involved in the decision-making process within the Trust
Use negotiation skills when conflicts occur among staff members, patients, volunteers, and/or individuals in the community
Provide information to staff on discussions, decisions, and policies from meetings of the Board
Facilitate multidisciplinary team meetings specific to operations and program planning
Ensure appropriate staff development and team building initiatives are incorporated in the Trust’s organizational culture

Promote program development
Encourage program development in accordance with the vision and mission of the Trust
Provide direction, as needed, in promoting community needs assessment activities in order to support program development

Serve as a role model in leadership
Foster the ongoing growth and development of staff
Set the tone for positive staff, client, and community relations
Promote functional, open communication among staff, patients, collaborating partners and the community

All other duties as assigned by the Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer, BIPAI

To apply for one of these positions, please send your detailed resume together with a cover letter outlining your experience and interest in the vacancy to the following email addresses:
(Please send to both email addresses)

1. The Human Resources Administration and Manager
Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation - Tanzania


2. Chairman, Board of Directors
Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation - Tanzania 

Deadline for application is 23rd April 2018