Friday, 20 April 2018

Job Opportunities at Precision Air Services



To ensure efficient & cost effective ramp handling service delivery in compliance with handling and Service Level Agreements.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities
To implement and consistently deliver cost effective cargo ramp service to agreed scope, standards and customer satisfaction.
Optimization of equipment, manning levels and shift patterns to ensure consistent & effective service delivery to comply with contract scope and service level agreements.
To ensure safety & security of cargo ramp operations is in compliance with relevant legislative/industry requirements
To ensure a healthy working environment in accordance with relevant industry and legislative requirements for personnel working in cargo ramp operations.
Effectively communicate relevant aspects of service delivery, internally and externally to meet customer expectations.
Routine monitoring of critical safety and quality activities within cargo ramp operations
To ensure conformity with all regulatory requirements, organization standards and local procedures.
To plan, implement and consistently deliver cost effective ramp services to agreed scope and Standards recognizing service requirements to non-contracted parties.
To develop staff to provide motivated, effective& multi-skilled work force.
To ensure that work is done in accordance to applicable Laws, Regulations and Precision Air standards during operations.
Ensuring that all non-compliance reported from an evaluation process are closed within the timeframe provided, action which should include identifying the root causes and the area of failure
Any other duties as may be assigned by your supervisor


Taking reasonable care of own safety and security and the safety of others who may be affected by your acts or omission while undertaking our duties/ tasks,
Cooperating with the Company to enable it comply with the relevant regulatory provisions and standards,
Using, in the correct manner, all protective equipment and procedures provided by the company,
Operating only that equipment on which they have been trained and qualified to operate
Reporting to the company, without delay, any defects in procedures or equipment that they are aware of that might compromise safety.
Taking all reasonable and practical measures, this may include the submission of safety reports, to prevent injury or fatality to themselves or other persons and damage to or loss of aircraft.
Avoiding intentionally interfering with anything provided by the Company in the interest of safety
Reporting any conflicts between safety and the operational goals of the Company


Creating, receiving and keeping relevant records in accordance with correct filing rules.
Disposing of records in accordance with authorized disposition instruments and established procedures
Any other duties as may be assigned by your manager


Customer feedback
Compliance with relevant legislative/industry requirements
Labor efficiency ratios, kilos/hr, etc.
Facilities and equipment utilization
Budgetary control
OTP not below 95%


Unquestioned integrity
Team Player
Results orientated.
Service focused.


College degree or relevant professional qualification
Customer service experience in airline industry
Minimum 3 years’ experience airline operations
Financial awareness.
Process oriented.
Experience in planning and managing human resources and equipment
Experienced delivering service in demanding consumer perishable environment
Communication and interpersonal skills
Mode of Application:
If you feel you meet the above requirements please send your application and CV to the address below.

Only short‐listed applicants will be contacted.

Head of Human Resources and Administration
Precision Air Services Plc
Mail Box 70770
Dar es Salaam

A client seeks to hire a qualified candidate for the position of a RAMP TEAM LEADER