Friday, 6 April 2018

Job Opportunity at Kazini Kwetu, Machine Operator

Job Opportunity at Kazini Kwetu, Machine Operator
Deadline: 20th April, 2018


Our client is based in Arusha and is looking to fill the position for Machiine Operator. Candidates from around Moshi and Arusha are highly encouraged to apply.


  • Know how to increase machine performance, output and how to fix errors.
  • Attention to Detail: Machine operators will work with precision equipment. Being off by millimeters could be a critical error. Keen attention to detail is required.
  • Analytical Skills: Machine operators will need to read and understand blueprints, schematics, models and other specifications.
  • Arrange machines at the beginning of work procedures to ensure that everything is in order
  • Test the machines before the main work begins to be sure that it is in good condition for production
  • Set all machine operation information such as speed, size and shape into machines before they begin operations.
  • Ensure that machines are calibrated and re-calibrated before and after production procedures.
  • Troubleshoot machine problems to determine actual faults.


Warning: Any Job Vacancy Requesting Payment For Any Reason is a Scam.