Job Opportunity at Workforce Management and Consultancy, Patient care assistant/Nurse assistant

Job Description
Job title: Patient care assistant/Nurse assistant
Location: Tanzania
Industry: Healthcare

Role Purpose

  • To care for and comfort individuals who are ill, undergoing surgery or disabled 

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist patients to the toilet, clear bedpans, remove soiled linen, and make beds
  •  Transports patients to and from operating rooms, laboratories, and examining rooms
  • Ensure patients are comfortable by assist with bathing, dressing, and moving them in their beds
  • Assists patients who need help walking or standing.
  • Feeds patients, when required  and ensuring that any special dietary needs are strictly adhered to
  • Aids people in the use of any medical devices and equipment required for their specific condition
  • Assists individuals with taking medication when needed
  • Taking blood pressure measurements or urine samples  & Assists with the collection of lab specimens 
  • Establishing and maintaining effective communication with all other health professionals, families, and community.

Academic qualifications 

  • One year certificate in nursing from a recognized institution

Work Knowledge & skills


  • Has strong knowledge of medical terminology, diseases, and procedures
  • Understands basic first aid and CPR, and is capable of administering them if need be
  • Has the ability to work without supervision
  • Is able to maintain patient confidentiality
  • Possesses good time management skills



  • 1 or more years experience in nursing practice

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Deadline: 12TH June 2018