Job Opportunity at WorkForce, Business Development and Client Relationship Manager

Job Description

Job title: Business Development and Client Relationship Manager
Location: Tanzania
Reporting to: General Manager

Role Purpose

  • A client relationship manager is a key member of management team. The managerbecomes a trusted client adviser, maximizing long-term revenue opportunities for thecompany.

Key Responsibilities

  • To develop a deep understanding of the technical and business challenges that clients face.
  • The manager will work closely with customer-facing staff (Account Managers)when explaining clients’ needs and motivating them to provide the highest servicestandards.
  • To brief the product development team on the essential features to meet client needs when a client relationship manager identifies opportunities for selling new products to companies.
  • To build relationships with senior executives,purchasing managers, technical managers, finance directors and other members of theclient team who make or influence purchasing decisions.
  • To build relationships with clients, based on trust and value, for overcoming issues of price andcreating strong barriers to competition.
  • To present account plans to senior management for approval andcommitment.
  • To identify opportunities to increase sales of related products andservices.
  • To monitor and analyse competitor activitiesto assess threats to important clients.
  • To apply his account knowledge for settingrevenue targets and identifying resources needed to meet them.
  • To identify and organise training, helping clients use generate value out of the spendwith company.

Academic qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in business management or marketing.

Work experience & skills

  • Extensive experience in sales and customer service, as well as technical knowledge relevant to the industry.
  • Strong planning and analytical skills.
  • Strong internal communication and coordination skills.

Applications: Send your CV to;
Deadline: 24thJuly 2018