Job Opportunity at CVPeople Africa, Marketing Manager

Renewable Energy, Mufindi, Tanzania
Our client is currently looking for potential applicants, who are interested to fill the position of a Marketing Manager, and support our local network teams with the relevant expertise so as to further increase rural connections, and promote the advantages of modern electricity services to our current and future network community. The assignment is for future

Increase connections in the Mufindi Network area
Increase the average electricity consumption of our current and future (commercial and domestic) rural customers in our licensed distribution areas, through the implementation of an appropriate marketing plan.
Initial efforts shall be focused on the Mwenga Network area and then move out into our other distribution license areas, once they are confirmed, relevant marketing tools are developed, tested and successfully deployed.
Facilitate the deployment of (commercial and domestic) appliances in our network area(s) trough: close cooperation with appliance suppliers, external or internal appliance financing programs, customer education (to overcome electricity illiteracy).
Assist to continuously build our client' Brand within our network area (advertising/marketing/PR campaigns)


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