Monday, 24 September 2018

Job Opportunity at Tanga Cement Plc, Equipment Operator

Earth Moving Equipment Operator (2 vacancies)

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  • Vehicle inspection - Ensure that all abnormal conditions before, during and after operating the equipment are reported through thorough inspection
  • Operate equipment efficiently - Ensure appropriate speed to optimize fuel consumption, minimize loading time, minimize cycle time, reduce wear and tear, maximize production rate of the equipment and comply to all safety signs
  • Ensure efficient hauling of materials to meet the required target
  • Ensure quality compliance
  • Ultimate responsible for safe working practices especially at areas of responsibility
  • Ensure environmental procedures are complied with, identify and manage the environmental aspects and impacts in his/her area and instil environmental awareness culture in his/her area
Interested individuals may apply for the job by submitting their CV and copies of relevant certificates to