Job Opportunity at MS TCDC, Consultant

MS TCDC seeks to strengthen the work of the Communication Unit and the Communication Program, in order to support the organization and its new strategy. In 2018, MS TCDC has embarked on a 5 year (2018 – 2022) Strategic Plan that sees it transitioning into a Pan African social justice organization. As such, there is recognition that there is a need to review the range of services that ‘an evolving TCDC’ will need to provide and well as a new identity and brand to complement the transition.

1.      Consultancy Information

Consultancy title: Development of MS TCDC Communication Program & Unit

Department /Unit: Programs Directorate

Supervisor: Programs Director

Duration: 4 weeks

Starting Date:  November 1st

Duty Station: MS TCDC

Located at: Usa River

Full/part time: Short-term Contract

2.     Purpose of the Assignment

The overall purpose of the assignment is for the consultant to aide MS TCDC

·         Inform a new TCDC identity and brand in alignment with the 5 year Strategy

·         develop a 4 year Communication Strategy and Plans in alignment with the 5 year Strategy

·         develop a communication unit staff structure and a profile of Head of Communication Unit to support the MS TCDC Communication Program

·         develop a short-term teaching course on communication for TCDC to continue being a living lab on practicing and teaching communication for development

3.       Scope of work

In order to achieve the objectives, the tasks of the consultant will include but will not be necessarily limited to the following:

  • Review MS TCDC Strategy and Organogram
  • Review relevant documents in relations to TCDC identity, branding and communication and undertake a gap analysis of our communication program
  • Define area/scope of work for TCDC Communication Unit
  • Define priority areas for focus and appropriate communication methodology
  • Define MS TCDC identity and brand in line with MS TCDC Strategy for Partnership Board approval
  • Undertake necessary interviews with key staff members and TCDC stakeholders
  • Define/List MS TCDC Stakeholders and/or Partners and relevant communication channels
  • Develop a Communication Strategy in alignment with MS TCDC 5 year Strategy
  • Define resources needed for Communication Strategy (human, financial etc)
  • Develop a communication unit staff structure and Head of Communication Unit profile for eventual recruitment
  • Develop a short Course on Communication in line with MS TCDC Strategy to be taught by TCDC

4.      Deliverables

The consultant will deliver:

  • A costed TCDC 4 year Communication Strategy and 4 Annual Plans Documents
  • A costed TCDC Identity and Brand Plan and Guide
  • A communication unit staff structure
  • Head of Communication Profile for recruitment
  • A TCDC Communication Course Plan (Curriculum and Syllabus) and TOT (*To co-create/work with MS TCDC Trainer)

5.     Qualifications of the Successful Individual Contractor

Qualifications & Competencies:

        Relevant background education in communication

With Communication for Development Work in multi-national settings Communication Curriculum development

Communication Strategy development Organizational brand and identity development

Communication in a development, pan African and/or international context

Strategy development
Stakeholder Engagement and Analysis

       6.  Institutional arrangements

·         MS TCDC will cover transport to and from Kilimanjaro Airport to MS TCDC

·         MS TCDC will host – accommodation and meals - consultant while at MS TCDC

·         MS TCDC will issue a 30 day contract for the said work

·         MS TCDC Programs Director will be contact person for consultant

7.  How to apply

Please submit the following documents:

1.     Technical Proposal with timeline

2.     Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability

3.     Personal CV / Company Profile

4.     Capability Statement / Portfolio

5.     Financial Proposal: that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs

8. Apply via

Friday, 2nd November 2018

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