29 New Job Opportunities at African Development Bank Group

The first thing you will notice about the AfDB is the passion of its employees to help reduce poverty on the continent, improve living conditions for Africans and mobilize resources for the continent’s economic and social development. That is what drives us to seek motivated individuals who share this commitment to poverty reduction. Our network of leading experts in every field identifies women and men whose experience, knowledge, and talents contribute to improving the quality of life on the continent.

AfDB staff work with governments across the continent, helping them in critical areas of development, from policy advice to the identification, preparation, appraisal and supervision of development projects. Our core areas of activities include, among others, infrastructure, private sector development, policy advice, gender equality, climate change and regional integration. The Bank Group is deeply committed to anti-corruption initiatives with a view to improving the continent’s investment climate.

We are committed to diversity and strive to hire the best brains from across the globe. Our staff are diverse in many respects, including gender, nationality, race, culture, education and experience and fully represent our member countries. The AfDB offers a variety of roles suited to your goals, background and talents, providing opportunities to advance, grow and strike the right balance between work and life that is best for you.

Current Vacancies: To apply for these positions, you need to be national of one of AfDB member countries. (Tanzania Inclusive). Check available job vacancies below (Click Title to open job details and application)

  1. Public-Private Partnership Finance Expert (AWF)  - Deadline 12/12/2018
  2. Principal Transport Engineer - RDGE3  - Deadline 08/12/2018
  3. Principal Health Economist - AHHD2 - Deadline 08/12/2018
  4. Chief Regional Energy Markets Expert - PESD1 - Deadline 06/12/2018
  5. Senior Resource Mobilization and Partnership Officer - FIRM.1 - Deadline 06/12/2018
  6. Principal Social Protection Officer - RDGC2 - Deadline 06/12/2018
  7. Principal Research Economist - ECMR.2 - Deadline 06/12/2018
  8. Principal Financial Risk Officer - FIFM1 - Deadline 04/12/2018
  9. Chief Financial Risk Officer - FIFM1 - Deadline 04/12/2018
  10. Secretary/Receptionist - RDGC.0 - Deadline 04/12/2018
  11. Principal Fishery Officer - ECNR - Deadline 04/12/2018
  12. Chief Forestry Officer - ECNR - Deadline 01/12/2018
  13. Development Effectiveness and Quality Assurance Officer - SNOQ2 - Deadline 29/11/2018
  14. Case Management and Advisory Services Officer - BCRM - Deadline 29/11/2018
  15. Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (M&E) - CDSF - Deadline 29/11/2018
  16. Conference and Meetings Technology and Facilities Officer - PSEG.1 - Deadline 29/11/2018
  17. Post-Editing and Proofreading Officer (English Language) - CHLS0 - Deadline 25/11/2018
  18. Post-Editing and Proofreading Officer (French Language) - CHLS0 - Deadline 25/11/2018
  19. Conference and Meetings Coordinator - PSEG0 - Deadline 21/11/2018
  20. Protocol Assistant - RDGN - Deadline 21/11/2018
  21. Senior Editor/Writer (French) PCER.1 - Deadline 21/11/2018
  22. Division Manager Microeconomic, Institutional and Development Impact - ECMR.2- Deadline18/11/2018
  23. Audit Team Assistant - PAGL0 - Deadline 18/11/2018
  24. Director - Transition States Coordination Office - Deadline 17/12/2018
  25. Principal Sanitation Specialist - AWF - Deadline 16/11/2018
  26. Senior Climate Finance Officer - PECG1 - Deadline 16/11/2018
  27. Principal Irrigation Engineer - RDGW.2 - Deadline 16/11/2018
  28. Senior Systems Engineer - CHIS2 - Deadline 16/11/2018
  29. Principal Transaction Support Officer - PINS1 - Deadline 14/11/2018

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