8 Jobs at Sense International Tanzania

About us
Sense International is a global charity supporting people with deafblindness in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Romania and Uganda. We are one of the world’s leading international organisations working for people with deafblindness and their families.

Children with deafblindness in these countries desperately need to receive education and healthcare. Without this, many will lead short, lonely lives.
Although Sense International is a fairly small charity, we have a big impact because of the way we work.

We don’t provide direct services but provide expertise and training to local organisations and persuade governments to provide support. We aim to put support in place so that we can walk away and leave solid expertise behind.

With this support, children with deafblindness can finally receive the medical and educational support they need.

They can learn to communicate, to develop self-care skills, receive an education and perhaps find a job.

Rather than being excluded they can thrive and live as valued human beings.

The following are the Job Vacancies advertised in Tanzania;

Link 1: Occupational Therapist (4 posts)

Link 2: Nurse (4 posts)

Warning: Never Make Any Form of Payment, When Applying For a Job from This Site


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