Job at Al Muntazir Schools, Academic Coordinator

Job at Al Muntazir Schools, Academic Coordinator
Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam

Job Purpose:

  • To assist the Principals / Deputy principals and Heads of Departments in matters relating to the academics of each school and various Academic Department.
  • Monitor the Academic of all Schools to ensure appropriate, relevant and effective delivery of the curricula within each school and Academic Department.
  • Plan and strategize Professional Development training/programmes/workshops for the tutors for the various teaching staff
  • Analyse regular tests and suggest ways to improve academic performance at all levels and for all schools.
  • Ensuring that Cambridge curricular is followed by all schools
  • To implement Cambridge curricular across all Al Muntazir Schools – under the transition period
  • Analyse ways to ensure smooth transitions for students between nursery-primary and primary-secondary.
  • Review and supervise implementation of the discipline policies and procedures within the schools.
  • Review and supervise implementation of the examination policies and procedures within the schools.
  • Oversee Professional Development is managed in order to enable teachers to enhance their teaching skills and practice as well as provide appropriate academic counselling to students professionally

Key Responsibilities:

  • In conjunction with the Principals, create a scheduled program for regular counseling sessions with students and their parents to work on issues that may be interfering with academic performance and/or personal development.
  • To prepare and implement individualized Educational Plan for Al Muntazir School which should be in line with the Curricular offered by the Schools
  • Review, monitor and effectively implement syllabi, textbooks and workbooks across all schools.
  • To conduct Scholastic Aptitude tests for students for guiding them in their selection of subjects in Form 3.
  • To analyze learning styles, forming and guiding Student Study Teams as special preparation for examination
  • Train or cause to train tutors by means of Professional Development programmes to enable them effectively deliver the curricula, and counsel the children professionally.
  • Assist the Heads of Schools in developing and refining the Departmental goals, and monitor the achievement of the same at regular intervals.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the academic curricula within each Academic Department/Schools.
  • Assist the Principals and deputy principals regularly to review and strengthen the exam system.
  • Implement or cause to implement the updating of Question Bank for all programmes within every Academic Department.
  • Conduct regular meetings with the Principals/deputy principals /Heads of Departments and/or the faculty members of each Department, with a view to analyse the functioning of the Academic Departments.
  • To participate in workshops / trainings / seminars, as may be necessary, to better understand the requirements/implementation of curricula of the various Academic Departments.
  • Be responsible and accountable for setting and advancing the academic strategy of all schools in line with Version of the Board of Trustees strategic plans and direction
  • To promote an enthusiasm for academic study
  • To guide and assist each principal of the school and to utilise the particular skills and strengths of each teacher.
  • To co-ordinate examinations within the school
  • To take part in the appraisal of members of staff, both on a regular day-to-day basis
  • To organise and minute regular department meetings.
  • To attend Heads of Departments meetings and, when appropriate, committees and subcommittees formed to discuss particular curricular or academic matters
  • To develop plans for future improvements of school facilities pertaining to academics
  • To manage the resources of the department efficiently and effectively.
  • To keep abreast of developments in the academic subject.
  • Train or cause to train tutors by means of Professional Development programmes to enable them effectively deliver the curricula
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the academic curricula within each Academic Department and each school
  • To keep abreast of developments of teaching techniques and the impact of new technologies in the subject, and to introduce them into the department as appropriate.
  • To co-ordinate examples of good practice and to enable teachers to share exercises, programmes of study etc. across department.
  • To have an up-to-date knowledge of the courses and examinations followed by our students in our feeder Schools
  • To contribute or actively participate in all school programs.
  • To build appropriate learning skills in student.
  • To collaborate with teachers to present school counselling core curriculum lessons.
  • To interpret student records.
  • Providing teachers with suggestions for effective classroom management.
  • Assisting the School Principal and teachers identify and resolve students’ academic issues, needs and problems.
  • To assist the schools in analysing reasons for low performance, identify appropriate solutions for implementing improvements and ensure/monitor the implementation.
  • To contribute in the production of school publications and programs.
  • To chair the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) in their brainstorming sessions
  • To assist the Principals in developing and refining new and existing syllabi for all Al Muntazir Schools, ensuring that they conform to examinable levels.
  • To monitor and evaluate the implementation / effectiveness of the syllabi at each campus.
  • To assist the schools in the selection of the textbooks for effective delivery of the syllabi and ensure proper foundation to the next level.
  • To assist the schools regularly in reviewing and strengthening the exam system
  • Take responsibility for devolved budgets for academics
  • Any other duties allocated by the CEO or by the Board of Trustee

Key Relationships:

  • Board of Trustee
  • CEO
  • Sectraitrate member – Finance team / Operation / Director of Regiuos education and others
  • School Principals / deputy principals and Head of Departments

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Number of Professional Development Programmes participated by the tutors of various Academic Departments
  • Improvement in level of academic achievement.
  • Successful utilization of a Question Bank for all Academic Departments
  • Academic Performance Enhancement
  • No. of consultations with parents, teachers, students and other educators
  • No. of peer helping/mentoring sessions conducted or organized
  • Professional Development Plan (No. of modules designed/ training imparted/ number of people benefitted/ feedback)
  • No. of tests conducted (Aptitude tests/Learning Style Assessment)
  • Implementation of international syllabi / registration
  • Improvement in overall External examination results

Experience / Knowledge required:

  • Ideal Candidate should be an Academician with M.A/MSc Educational Psychology or Ph.D.(Education Psychology/ Counselling)
  • Development and maintenance of academic programmes.
  • Knowledge and understanding of current developments in learning, teaching and academic quality assurance.
  • Experience of academic management and academic quality assurance at a course and institutional level in higher education, including the development of systems and procedures
  • Minimum three years’ experience in School Management
  • Knowledge of computers (MS Office applications)
  • Knowledge of the Local and International (IGCSE) Curriculum.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Candidate must possess analytical Skills, assessment Skills and test Administration Skills.
  • Experience of teaching, management of learning and the development of assessments
  • Good presentation skills and inter personal skills
  • Strong leadership and management skills and the ability to support, motivate and develop staff
  • Good strategic knowledge, able to contribute insightfully to the business planning and development processes
  • A commitment to teamwork, and a demonstrated ability to manage human or other resources effectively.

Interested candidates may submit their CV, copies of Educational Certifications, one passport size photograph and an application letter, addressed and delivered to:

The Human Resource Manager
Al Muntazir Schools,
P.O.Box 21735,
Dar es Salaam.

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