Monday, November 12, 2018

Job Opportunity at Tatu Project, Coordinator

TATU Project is a non-pro:it organization that facilitates an equal and sustainable development for the rural community of Msitu Wa Tembo and Londoto in Northern Tanzania. We address community needs and build ef- fective solutions through active collaboration with members of Msitu Wa Tembo and Londoto and relevant sta- keholders.
TATU Project is an organization that depends on its own funding activities as well as external funding. The main point of our strategy is to have a variety of income sources and try to be as sustainable as possible.

Job Title: Responsibilities as Research and Development (R&D) Coordinator

Responsibilities as Research and Development (R&D) Coordinator: Review and preparation for the Baseline Survey 2019: Every 5 years, TATU undertakes a baseline survey, covering a representative sample of the communities of MWT and Londoto based on our KPIs and future research needs. Our current R&D Manager will be outlining next steps in order to prepare for the Baseline Survey 2019, which will need to be implemented by the R&D coordinator for an early 2019 start.

  • Review last Baseline Survey (2014)
  • Identify KPIs, continuation and any needs for extra data (education, environment)
  • Create roadmap and gather resources for 2019
  • Work on communications with the community with our Village Relations officer
  • Include community’s leadership’s input
  • Set up the team and trainings for the Baseline Survey 2019
  • Implement Baseline Survey 2019
  • Hand over with compilation and reporting process clearly designed 

M&E review, proposal and implementation
TATU has a M&E system that is functioning at 60%. Some projects lack continuous, adapted data collection to monitor progress and results. To start with, we want to make sure that our Water project and Tree planting project get the structure, indicators and tools needed for proper M&E within our existing system.

If time/capacity allows, a wider analysis of needs for improvements will be done for other projects.

  • Review current M&E system
  • Focus on water and environmental frameworks:
  • Review current KPIs and objectives: define and align where needed
  • Fill in the gaps (keep the system but ensure we are monitoring all necessary indicators) o Review current data collection systems and optimiz
  • Make a proposal for improvements / set up according to objectives and framework
  • Implement and monitor
  • Report 

Support for Environmental Framework development
Ongoing research is happening for the Environmental framework that TATU aims to develop by end of 2019. There is already a small tree-planting project that we’d like to grow and complement with other initiatives. A lot of research has already been done on the agricultural side of things – which is also the main activity in the village.

  • Work with the R&D Manager to identify remaining needs for research
  • Finalize objectives and activities for already identified initiatives in the framework format;
  • Agriculture: trainings by other organizations
  • Water pump/irrigation research
  • Tree-planting: diversify with Moringa? Expand? Set up Environmental school club?
  • Gather and/or plan for resources
  •  Implement if time / capacity allows
  • Report 

The R&D Coordinator will need to stay flexible and support the R&D team with other priorities if needed and if capacity allows.

The person recruited for this role is expected to have experience/training in at least two of the following fields:

  • Very good organisational/planning skills
  • Curiosity and method for in-depth research
  • M&E experience/background
  • Good at problem solving within a team setting and collaborative approach
  • Excellent computer skills for reporting: Excel and Word 

The project involves many different fields (business, health, development…) and therefore we like to strongly underline the high level of FLEXIBILITY and cultural sensitivity required to work in the local cultural context.


  • The minimum time commitment is 6 months, preferably more. If the commitment is up to one year, conditions are negotiable.
  • VISA, flight, personal expenses on site, housing and insurance are at the charge of the volunteer.
  • Optional accommodation in the NGO house for a standard contribution
  • All work related costs, such as transport to the community & communications will be covered by the NGO 

This job posting is not to be posted on other job board sites, do not post this position on other websites without authorisation from TATU Project.


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