Friday, December 21, 2018

2 New Job Opportunities at The Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania

The Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania (JGI-TZ) is a reputable and rapidly expanding non-governmental organization committed to wildlife research, conservation, development, and integrated environmental conservation education. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots (R&S), is the education movement of the Jane Goodall Instituto Tanzania, started as a club on 19 February 1991 at Dr. Jane Goodall's house in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with 12 secondary school students and four educators
Roots & Shoots is determined into driving a positive and sustainable change - for our communities, animals, and environments. Today, Roots & Shoots is a global environmental and humanitarian youth program for the Jane Goodall Institute, involving hundreds of thousands of young people in more than 100 countries. The Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania have established and continue to establish Roots & Shoots service-oriented clubs in the primary, secondary schools, and universities to inspire and empower young people to foster respect and compassion to animals and environment through action-oriented clubs that plan and implement projects based on their unique interests, resources, and community concerns.

JGI Tanzania is currently seeking to recruit suitably qualified and competent Tanzanian to fill the following vacant position:

Job Vacancy: Forestry Assistant

Program: Roots & Shoots
Work Station: Kigoma
Reporting Line: National Coordinator for Roots & Shoots

Job Overall Summary:
The Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania is planning to roll out tree planting activities around western Tanzania's chimpanzee habitat areas, aiming to offset atmospheric Carbon dioxide and contribution to a health and stable habitats in this part of Albertine rift valley region. Forestry Assistant will be responsible to create sustainable impact, a positive change through the facilitation of tree planting activities in support of the chimpanzee protection and conservation interventions in the region. The job bearer is expected provide management and oversight of all tree nurseries in Kigoma and areas where tree planting has taken place to ensure programme goals are achieved in a professional manner, and that Roots & Shoots is able to respond to the needs of JGI-TZ, National and International Volunteers, Teachers, Members, Government and other Partners. Candidate of this post is also expected to demonstrate strong programme management skills in order to support natural ecological integrity through the management and promotion of 450,000 trees planted in 450 hectares by Roots & Shoots clubs as a mechanism to reduce adverse pressure to a stable chimpanzee and wildlife populations, and other areas with close proximity to chimps' habitats and corridors. Below are the essential and specific job responsibilities:

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To facilitate the establishment of 36 tree nurseries of 24,000 seedlings each in the target Project Schools/Villages
  • Promote School-based tree planting activities and where necessary establish School woodlots. On basic concepts in the tree planting process
  • Coordinate and manage the distribution of a Tree planting Published Hand Book
  • Coordinate collection of all GPS Coordinates in the first quarter of project implementation
  • Supervise and manage locations/Area coordinates of each planted site in 2019
  • Facilitate and coordinate the establishment of woodlots, watershed areas, School arboretum, and boundary planting activities in the villages/schools
  • To organize Roots & Shoots tree nurseries and tree planting teachers' workshops
  • Coordinate and manage Roots & Shoots Students Gombe Excursions
  • Liaise with GRSC and LCWT Project departments on issues related to GIS and tree planting in Schools and villages
  • Conduct seedlings aftercare assessments and survival rate assessments in the project area
  • Support establishment of Roots & Shoots School Nurseries outside the project area .
  • Coordinate and manage School-based tree nurseries and planting competition
  • Coordinate distribution of Tree planting campaign materials
  • Create and manage tree planting database, seedlings data spreadsheets and Community based comparative data and figures indicating the name, contacts, plot size and number of trees/acreages
  • To create an aggregate of species list, naturalization and the classification of seedlings per planted field. Coordinate Impact Maps, Photos and creation of documented digital album specifically for the project
  • Coordinate survival count through aftercare Seedlings plan and visits to conduct recounting and produces survival rate assessment figures.
  • To induct, train and support Roots & Shoots volunteers, Inters, teachers and youth leaders on relevant Roots &  Shoots thematic areas (Environments, Animals, communities)
  • To part of all other Roots & Shoots membership registrations, certification, club activities, events and networks in the region
  • Conduct any other office related duties as shall be directed by your supervisor

Minimum Job Requirements & Qualifications: 

  • Diploma in Forestry or BSC in Forestry/Botanical Sciences from any recognized institutes.
  • A solid practical, and hands-on experience in Tree Nurseries, Village woodlots, Arboretum, School planting, Forest restoration and plantation forests. 
  • Proven understanding of tree nursery inputs and implements, tree planting and community engagements
  • Ability to work under pressure, deadlines and little supervision
  • Ability to learn and coordinate Geo-spatial mapping, coding and digitization of seedlings, species and planting sites
  • Experience in Roots & Shoots, Conservation education, environmental education, outreach and expeditions.
  • Ability to effectively manage a team of teachers, interns, volunteers and local government officials
  • Knowledge and experience databases, speared sheets, finance, and seedlings survival rates assessments is desirable.
  • Computer literate and ability to analyze and present data etc
  • O Experience working in a multiskilled, high pressure, and a dynamic ability to communicate effectively with various audiences

Essential Competencies: 

  • Self-disciplined, highly dedicated, matured. open minded and flexible
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, fluent in written and spoken English and Swahili
  • Excellent inter-personal skills with a proven ability to develop and maintain effective relationships
  • Team player, initiator, creator, innovator, and simply a practical oriented person
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain a high degree of professionalism and integrity, both within and outside the work environment
  • Capacity to work in a challenging environment
  • Trustworthy and problem solver

Job Vacancy: Scholarship Junior Officer

Work Station: Kigoma
Reporting Line: Senior Director - Policy and Programs

Job Overall Summary: 
JGI initiated a Girls Scholarship Program in 1998 and to-date has provided over 335 scholarships to girls in the Gombe-Masito-Ugalla (GMU) Program area in western Tanzania to access Secondary and post-secondary education. This position will be responsible for the coordination of the Girls Scholarships in the program areas and with Institutions/Colleges/Schools that girls aro attending. It includes advertising and promoting the scholarship opportunities in the villages, holding meetings with a selection committee to identify scholarship recipients, facilitating an annual meeting for the scholarship recipients, monitoring and supervision of girls in their school and colleges, prepare and facilitate the payments of tees, accommodation and other costs, maintain the update of girl's database and prepare progress and annual reports

Job Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Facilitate sensitization and awareness campaigns mootings to raise awareness on the scholarship opportunity in the Program area
  • Organize and Facilitate the selection meeting for eligible candidates using an established selection criterion
  • Ensure selected students are contacted and school payments are processed in time.
  • Monitor students in their Schools/Colleges and University to see their progress and challenges
  • Coordinate scholarship Awards and maintain contacts with schools, students and parents
  • Conduct an annual meeting that brings together scholarship recipients to share lessons, obtain training in life skills and participate in community service or conservation project
  • Prepare and submit activity reports and the annual report in a timely manner
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor
  • Ensure that expenditures are within the budget established for the program.

Minimum Job Requirements & Qualifications: 

  • At least Bachelor in Community Development, Sociology. Education,
  • At least 2-year working experience in community development, knowledge in gender issues.
  • Ability to work under pressure, deadlines and less supervision.
  • Computer literate and able to use data analysis programs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.
  • Soll-disciplined, maturity, open-minded and flexible
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, fluent in written and spoken English and Swahili
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with a proven ability to develop and maintain effective relationships
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain a high degree of professionalism and integrity, both within and outside the work environment
  • Good report writing skills

Application Procedure: 
All applications should be submitted together with the most recent Curriculum Vitae (resume), copy of relevant certificates, testimonials, three names of reputable referees, day-time telephone number or e-mail address, and should be sent to the following e-mail address:
Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interview.
Deadline: Seven (8) days from the date of the first appearance of this advertisement on the newspapers

JGI Tanzania is an equal opportunity employer and considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, national or tribal origin, religious bellef, sexual orientation, and marital status.