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Job Opportunity at African Talent Company | TATC Africa, Restaurant Manager

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Position: Restaurant Manager

Reports to: Food & Beverage Manager / Assistant Director of Food & Beverage

DEPARTMENT: Food & Beverage


  • Select, evaluate, lead, motivate, coach, and discipline all employees, captains, supervisors and hostesses in the Lodge’s dining outlets to ensure that established cultural and core standards are met.
  • The ability to be visible in the operation, provide recognition, promote good public relations, and handle complaints, concerns or special requests for guests, clients, and group contacts.
  • Describe and ensure quality of all food items, ingredients, and preparation methods, as well as provide expert knowledge of wine and spirits in an elegantly appointed environment dedicated to an attentive and distinctive experience for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • The ability to work closely with the Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, and other food and beverage managers, Executive Chef and Sous Chefs to design an effective menu and wine list while ensuring excellent product quality at a fair price and attend regular operational meetings to ensure effective coordination and cooperation between departments.
  • Control labor and operating expenses through effective scheduling, budgeting, purchasing decisions, and inventory control.
  • Observe physical condition of facilities and equipment in the outlet and make recommendations for corrections and improvements as needed.
  • Comply with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in Employee handbook.
  • Work harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Prepare monthly training calendars and ensure training is conducted.
  • Review performance of the line staff regularly.
  • Ensure that working tools are maintained at per levels by controlling breakage and spoilage.
  • Ensure that dining outlets and back areas are maintained hygienically and in order.
  • Actively participate in the lodge’s environmental activities.
  • Attend the departmental/BOO/safety/green committee meetings and any other other meetings as may be required of him/her.
  • Ensure that line staff vacations are well coordinated.
  • Ensure that assigned projects are completed in the given time spun.
  • Utilize and update Delphi accordingly.
  • Ensure grooming is observed as per policy.
  • Continuously enhance the look and feel of the outlets.
  • Ensure that keys are returned to security office at the end of shift.


  • Assist with the service of beverages to guests.
  • Assist in seating of guests.
  • Assist with the cleaning of operational areas.
  • Ensure that the company assets are utilized in a careful manner to avoid damage or loss.
  • Perform any other tasks as may be required of his position by the lodge


1. Experience: Two to three years previous experience in a line, supervisory or assistant manager position in Food & Beverage.

2. Skills and Abilities: Requires a working knowledge of division operations as well as Four Seasons cultural and core standards, policies, and standard operating procedures. Working knowledge is generally learned on-the-job.

3. Knowledge of food & beverage service, cost control, labor control, maintenance, merchandising, and accounting.

4. Requires ability to operate computer equipment and other food & beverage computer systems.

5. Requires reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language.


1. No. of employees supervised: 20 - 40

2. Travel required: Occasional

3. Hours required: Ten to 12 hour shifts; scheduled days and work hours may vary based on need.


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