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Job Opportunity at African Talent Company | TATC Africa, Front Office Manager

Job Opportunity at African Talent Company | TATC Africa, Front Office Manager
Other Arusha District Arusha

Position: Front Office Manager

Reports to: Operations Manager



Acts as the manager on duty in the Lodge whenever required. Will manage shifts at the Front Desk. Responds to a wide variety of guest requests by accurately assessing the guest needs and requests and then adding personal recommendations and touches to achieve maximum customer satisfaction while complying with all Four Seasons policies.


  • Manages the staff at the Front Desk, Transportation and Communication. Directs all activities of the Assistant Front Office Managers / Lodge Assistant Manager and ensures communications and follow-up on any problems, guest requests or special requirements. Interviews, trains and schedules the staff. Conducts Performance Evaluations and disciplines staff when needed.
  • Reviews and monitors schedules of staff in other department of responsibility. Monitors their activities to assure that standards are being met, staff is being supported and guest needs are being met.
  • Resolves guest complaints from all areas of the hotel, handling all guest interactions with the highest level of hospitality and professionalism, accommodating special requests whenever possible; assists customers in all inquiries in connection with hotel services, hours of operations, key hotel personnel, in-house events, directions, etc. Responds to all guest requests in an accurate and timely manner. Interaction with guest will be in person and by phone.
  • Coordinates arrivals, departures and billing requirements. Blocks rooms for arrivals and ensures any discrepancies are resolved. Reviews daily arrivals to ensure proper handling of Special Attention Guests, Return Guests, and Groups.
  • Ensures appropriate amenities are sent to the guest rooms and ensure billing for amenities are thoroughly checked and signed when necessary.
  • Assures that all financial and credit procedures are followed. When taking a shift at the desk, follows up on credit problems. Reviews all paid-outs, rebates, Petty Cash disbursements and Direct Billings. Checks cashiers’ work at end of shift to ensure all transactions are reconciled with proper approvals and endorsements.
  • Takes action in all matters related to the safety, security, satisfaction and wellbeing of hotel guests and employees when senior managers are not available. Responds swiftly and effectively in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
  • Checks guest in and out in an efficient and friendly manner, using guest name whenever possible. Assures that guest is assigned type of room requested and the correct rate is charged. Arranges for luggage to be delivered to guest room. Issues correct keys to the guest. Checks out guest at end of stay. Ascertains guest satisfaction, collects keys, posts late charges and presents bill to guest. Settles bill accurately through credit card or cash transaction.
  • Utilizes a variety of computer systems to check guests in and out, run daily reports and select and block rooms for arriving guests. Ensures GA for all direct booking guests are assigned prior to the arrival, GA informed of the same and ensure Meet and Greet happens for guests in Arusha.
  • Ensures all Team members update guest profile in Golden and ensure maximum details of guests are captured in Golden including guest pictures
  • Ensure Chat desk is manned and all chat conversations are accurate, timely and appropriate
  • Controls transportation / Game drives experience for the guests of the lodge. This includes planning day to day requirement of vehicle as well as ensures all vehicles are used to the optimum levels. Ensure Game Drive budgets are met.
  • Complies with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in Employee handbook.
  • Officiates as the Senior Leader within Rooms Division in the absence of Director of Rooms
  • Works harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors.


  • Provides basic trouble-shooting support for in-room services such as Internet, TV movies, games, guest room Security team to ensure smooth handling of guest luggage, deliveries and special requests.


1. Education: Bachelor’s Degree from University

2. Experience: Previous department head experience in hotel/resort/lodge operations

3. Skills and Abilities: Fluent in English, and ability to operation computer


1. No. of employees supervised: Up to 15 directly, 30 indirectly on any particular shift.

2. Travel required: None

3. Hours required: Minimum Nine; Flexible Schedule based on business level


Warning: Never Pay To Get A Job. Legitimate companies dont ask for money.