Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Job Opportunity at Bluwat Tanzania Ltd, Sales and Marketing Manager

Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam
BluWat Tanzania Limited (BW), a limited liability company incorporated in Tanzania is a consulting and investment company. The company owns the water and juice processing plant at the Silva Prestigious Heritage Park in Kigamboni. BW has been in business for about a year now, it seeks to engage a sales and marketing manager to push business growth, product penetration and increased market share.

This is a senior executive management position at BW which requires a flexible, hardworking, business savvy individual, a social entrepreneur, and someone with demonstrated experience in financing, general management, marketing and sales. The Sales and Marketing Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the BW sales and marketing functions including other services and products produced/offered by the company. This is a full time job, the Manager is expected to perform the following functions: -

  • Manage the sales and marketing department.
  • Establish and implement short/long term sales and marketing plans,
  • Use the existing market information to implement the market plan that largely entails product penetration (product presence in shops, retailers, dealers, sales outlets, hotels, restaurants), produce a weekly/month performance report on product penetration
  • Systematically gather, record and analyse current reality information about customers, consumers and competitors and use the information to expand our market share
  • Perfect branding of BW products and create awareness
  • Develop a simple but effective sales and marketing performance management system
  • Arrange and organise appropriate training of the sales and marketing teams
  • Ensure the existence and functioning of the internal control system related to sales and marketing – e.g. vehicles management, reporting system, cash management of cash sales, VAT records
  • Develop the trade incentive scheme for wholesalers and retailers to encourage product stocking
  • Any other business as it shall be assigned by the Executive Director


  • A functioning sales route plan
  • Double the sales target in the first three months of taking a job
  • % increase in the market share/ recognisable new customers
  • Customer loyalty/bring back lost customers on board
  • Ensure there is a well functioning/effective sales and marketing department
  • No of training/coaching offered to the team
  • Attainment of sales target and performance indicators as it shall be directed by the BW Management
  • Progressive brand awareness report/analysis
  • Debtors management – credit sales if any must be properly authorised/take full accountability of their recovery in not more than 30 days limit


Competitive Fixed remuneration with a monthly increase % that is based on performance.