Saturday, 23 February 2019

Engineer Job at Nokia Tanzania

Position: 2G NPO RAN Engineer 

General Purpose:
2G Radio network planning and optimization engineer is responsible for providing radio detail planning, BTS and BSC parameters planning, pre-launch and post-launch quality assurance and optimization services for 2G projects in collaboration with related stakeholders.

Job Grade: 8

Main Responsibility Area:
Technologies: 2G
Vendors: Huawei

  • Should have knowledge of 2G Basics, Multi-Layer Idle and Dedicated mode parameters and understand behavior of parameter tuning
  • Required to technically deliver network planning and optimization projects according to the agreed scope of work (SoW)
  • Performs critical (sometimes escalated) design and performance activities in customer projects independently. These may include complex problem solving in projects with performance requirements and multi-vendor environment
  • Good Knowledge of 2G Call flow, Familiarity with Power Control and impact of various power setting on the 2G network
  • Identify and resolve Performance degradation in the network within prescribed timelines
  • Perform Counter level analysis and problem isolation to arrive at an early RCA to improve network performance.
  • Traffic balancing using physical and soft parameters while ensuring KPI’s are met.
  • Good understanding of Huawei BTS hardware
  • Defines the criteria to assess network performance from end-user / service perspective and monitoring of that criteria
  • Identifies and anticipates proactively network performance issues (traffic/quality/resiliency) and provides recommendations for improvement
  • Optimizes the capacity of the network to meet traffic increase and customer requirements using either network extension or existing network modification
  • Ensures that design & optimization guaranty the capability for the network to provide end-user new services in line with customer environment, business goals/drivers and quality
  •  To communicate effectively and work with a large team in collaborative mode
  • Planning BTS site configuration by using RF planning tool (NetAct Planner/Atoll/Asset) and also defining their related parameters: site coordinates, antenna type, antenna height, antenna tilt, antenna azimuth, cable loss, propagation model parameter
  •  Setting the specific RF parameters for the site to be integrated.
  •  Analyze site performance after integration through drive test measurements and/or OSS measurements, detecting eventual problems and recommending changes to fixing problem
  • Defining and monitoring parameter consistency check rules to Maintain BTS /BSC parameter database consistency
  • Defining and monitoring KPIs reports on network, area and BSC level
  • Defining and optimizing “worst objects” reports at BTS and BSC level, as well as troubleshoot and recommending the software changes, hardware changes or alerting O&M in case of hardware problem
  • Huawei 2G parameters detailed knowledge and optimization
  •  Giving inputs in terms of capacity, quality and coverage for expansion phases Implementing new features required to improve overall radio network performance

Position Description:
The NPO Radio Network Planning and Optimization Engineer will be required to develop and ensure planning and optimization activities during network deployment phase and post integration stage. The NPO engineer will be expected to execute the following tasks:

RAN Design

  • Radio NW Design
  • Traffic balancing using physical and soft parameters while ensuring KPI’s are met.
  • RF Simulation
  •  Mobile Access Design
  • Frequency Planning
  • Parameter Definition
  • Implementation Data Creation
  • FNI (First Network Implementation) Support 

Pre-Launch Optimization

  • Parameter Changes
  • Physical Optimization (Tilt/Azimuth)
  • Mobility Analysis and Optimization
  • OSS KPI Analysis and Improvement
  • Single Site Verification
  • Cluster Tuning and Optimization
  • SLA/KPI Reporting and Acceptance 

NW Assurance

  • KPI Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting
  • Reactive Optimization/ Trouble-shooting by NW KPI, MS log, some detail log.
  • Pro-active Optimization to avoid quality degradations
  • Capacity Management and Assurance
  • Parameter Optimization to meet the target KPI level 

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science or corresponding experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Result Oriented
  • Team Player
  • 2G technology understanding and know-how
  • 2G design and optimization experienceKnowledge on 3GPP