Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Leadership Training Consultancy Job at Restless Development

Title: Tanzania - Leadership Training Consultancy

CLOSING DATE: 16th February 2019
LOCATION: Various locations, Tanzania

We know young people have the power to solve the challenges we face in our world, but they are being sidelined. We are the agency that works with young people so they can lead in solving those challenges. Whether that means supporting communities to end child marriage or prevent HIV, we work with young people to change their lives and the lives of people in their communities. Our programmes are genuinely life-changing, but can’t do any of this without talented, creative individuals at every level of our organisation.

Kijana Wajibika (Youth be Responsible) is an initiative, which builds a movement of youth between the ages of 15 – 35 both in and out of school, (disaggregated by gender, 50% males and 50% females), who are well informed on civic rights and actively engaged in political processes. The initiative uses our proven and successful youth-led, data-driven accountability model, which places young people at the centre of development and governance processes and provides a platform to empower youth and women in Tanzania to hold their government to account on their commitments, such as those made during the elections. The theory of change behind Kijana Wajibika, is that if we empower young people with knowledge, skills and networks, connect them to meaningful opportunities to participate, support them to curate official data and generate their own, then they will lead in driving accountability for commitments made by their leaders during the election period, the national development framework and Global Goals for sustainable development.

Restless Development will work closely with young women and men who are interested to run for political positions to build their capacity to take part in the elections as candidates, supporting them to contest and win. The training will take place in 7 districts- Ilala, Temeke, Ubungo, Kibaha, Morogoro, Iringa na Kilimanjaro where the Kijana Wajibika programme is currently being implemented. Restless Development will train them in topics such as:

I. Leadership training- values of a good leadership; integrity, accountability and transparency
and patriotism.
II. local and national elections guiding laws- processes and procedures
III. Peace and security and campaign strategies

The activity is planned to take 13 field days inclusive of travel days. Tentatively from 4th March 2019 to 15th March 2019 and the training report to be submitted within 14 working days after completion of field activities.

For more detailed information please download the Terms of Reference at the end of this advert.

Interested candidates should send their submission of interest to jobstanzania@restlessdevelopment.org by 16th February 2019.

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