Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Job Opportunity at help2kids Tanzania - Dar es salaam - Field Manager

Job Vacancy at Samaritan Village Tanzania - Arusha, Accountant | Deadline: 31st March, 2019

help2kids is currently looking for a Field Manager in Tanzania to manage and supervise all of our projects in Dar es Salaam.
help2kids is a young, dynamic Swiss-based NGO operating in Africa. Our objective is to give some of the most vulnerable children in Tanzania and Malawi access to the basic necessities that all children deserve; education, food, healthcare, shelter, and a loving family environment so that they can break out of the cycle of poverty and live happy, productive lives.

We are running the following projects in Dar es Salaam:
• A Children’s Home for up to 30 children,
• A primary school with up to 470 children,
• A nursery school for up to 67 children, and
• A health project serving over 740 children.
• A Secondary School Sponsorship Program (over 70 children)
• An International and local volunteer programme (up to 15 volunteers at one time)
More information about us and our projects can be found here: www.help2kids.org and www.facebook.com/help2kids

The Field Manager will oversee and work in collaboration with all other project managers and coordinators in Tanzania to deliver all of our projects in Dar es Salaam. In addition, you will work in a team with the Field Manager in Malawi and work together with the Head Office in Switzerland. The Field Manager will have additional responsibilities managing the Primary School and Nursery/Day Care Center Programs.

People Management and Leadership
• Ability to manage, supervise and guide several program managers an up to 35 employees
• Strong social skills and ability to work with people from all over the world. Work well with team of local staff, foreign staff and international volunteers.
• You should be able to lead people in a positive way and to create a positive and supporting atmosphere. We are looking for a “team-player”, an outgoing personality with communication skills, integrity and passion for what we do.
• Experience in working within human resources, as you will oversee all areas related to human resources, including staff recruitment, professional development and performance evaluations.

Project Management
• Management skills, ability to manage various tasks at the same time, high ability to work under pressure and attention to detail. Strong work ethic.
• Project management and international development skills are essential, along with monitoring and evaluating skills and the ability to support and guide the project managers to achieve quarterly and yearly goals, and report on and measure impact.
• Flexibility, creativity and open mindedness. You should be highly flexible to adapt quickly to new problems and challenges. With your creativity you should be a “problem-solver” and able to work in a changing environment.

Fundraising and Marketing
• Experience with social media like Facebook and YouTube. You should enjoy being a person seen on various social media platforms.
• The job requires also to manage our Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator and oversea the management of our website (such as blog), various social media channels, and all other marketing duties including quarterly newsletter, email marketing campaigns.
• Experience in Fundraising. You should have previous experience in fundraising as you will be responsible for leading the team of project managers in Tanzania to meet their yearly fundraising goals, as well as working with the Head Office in Switzerland to seek out and pursue funding from a variety of avenues.
• Specifically, for the Children’s Home, Primary School & Day Care Center you will support fundraising efforts through researching, networking, proposal and grant writing and then managing donations and writing donor reports

Finance and Legal 
• Accounting basic skills, experience in managing and developing budgets and in excel. You will be responsible for all accounting duties on the ground in Tanzania.
• To be aware of Tanzanian law in relevant areas, and to be up to date with various policy changes in order to ensure compliance with Tanzanian laws and legislations.

• Manage teachers and staff at the Primary School, assemble and lead weekly meetings alongside the Head Teacher
• Advocate on behalf of Primary School, networking with relevant stakeholders and partners.
• Implement and manage new program ideas through-out the year for Primary School staff and students.
• Maintain good communicative relationships with current partners, parents, shareholders, and donors
• Manage all project development, including construction projects, curriculum development, teacher workshops, and donor relationships
• Create and implement new and ever-improving curriculum and teaching techniques with teachers and staff in order to increase grade and performance within the Primary School
• To manage the monitoring and evaluating processes within the school and be accountable to yearly goals.
• Manage the Bajeviro Primary School budget and all accounting duties

These responsibilities are shared alongside Volunteer Coordinator
• Oversee the Day Care Centre project by implementing the nursery curriculum and additional educational activities
• Manage and support the staff at Kunduchi Day Care Centre and volunteers to provide quality level of education
• Lead and support with staff development sessions for the teachers at the Day Care Centre
• Maintain good communicative relationships with current partners, parents, stakeholders, and donors
• Lead on all project development, including construction projects, curriculum development, teacher workshops, and community engagement
• Advocate on behalf of Kunduchi Day Care Centre projects, networking with relevant stakeholders and partners.
• To monitor and evaluate the impact of the Day Care Centre, performance of the teachers and activities
• Oversee Kunduchi budget and accounting duties

These responsibilities are shared alongside Children’s Home Director
• Continually work with staff to create a happy, productive, value-based home environment for the children
• Work closely with Children’s Home Manager and staff to ensure adherence to schedule, cleanliness, and rules, and report weekly to the help2kids Field Manager
• Interact with the children and work to continuously improve the quality of their lives though creative programming, support, and love
• Work together with the Children’s Home manager to oversee project development within the children’s home.
• Keep records of children’s grades, progress, health issues, etc.
• Lead and support with staff development sessions for the staff at the children’s home
• Advocate on behalf of help2kids Children’s Home networking with relevant stakeholders and partners.

• Commitment for at least 1-2 years.
• Passion to work in an international environment with a lot of different cultures and to be always present for our children, employees and volunteers if needed.
• Experience working and living in Tanzania is essential for this position, and experience of Swahili is highly desirable.
• Previous management experience highly desirable
• Have a bachelor’s degree (or similar) in education, international development, public health or a related field; a master’s degree would be a benefit
• High Level of written and spoken English
• Experience of Swahili is highly desirable
• Have a driver’s license and to be a confident driver
• Work well under minimal supervision and be self-motivated

We are gladly receiving applications from all over the world. We are looking for someone to start at the very latest by 13th May 2019.

Details at a glance
• On-site Location
• Full Time Schedule
• Contract
• 4-Year Degree Required
• Professional


• USD 600 per month. There is potential for increase depending on performance and length of stay
•Housing (room + kitchenette/ living area in new children’s home & campus)
•Visa expenses covered
•5 weeks of paid holiday per year
•Return flights included
•Car (for private use too)
•Provided with company Laptop and Phone
Unfortunately, we cannot cover medical benefits or relocation costs

Level of Language Proficiency
• High Level of written and spoken English
• Experience of Swahili is highly desirable

How To Apply

Please complete the below scenario responses each in no more than 400 words and include in your application materials.
You work closely with the management team in Dar es Salaam, who lead and manage the project staff and support them to achieve their project goals, but they are currently facing some issues in staff motivation. When you suggest new ideas to the Project Manager, the Project Manager doesn’t think any of them will work or make any difference to the staff motivation. How would you approach this situation to support the Project Manager to increase the motivation of the team?
Your aim is to keep accountability, transparency and harmony within the school. A staff member accuses their colleague of taking money from the school’s income but doesn’t provide evidence to support their claim. How would you go about discovering the facts while still maintaining your professional stance?
There has been a disagreement between the staff and the local community in Kunduchi village, and help2kids prides itself on high level of community relations. What are some of the actions you would take to resolve the issues that they are currently facing?

To apply,

Please send an e-mail your cover letter, CV/resume, and responses to applications@help2kids.org. Deadline for Applications is 10thApril 2019. Only applications with all three materials will be considered. Please also specify your earliest available start dates.

Due to the high number of applications we anticipate receiving, only successful applicants will be contacted and invited for an interview.
Location: Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, TZ