Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Job Opportunity at Vodacom Tanzania, System Administrator

Job Title: System Administrator: IN Operations & Quality Assurance
Location: Dar es salaam
Type: Full Time

Role purpose:

  • To administer the following systems and bear responsibility as coded below:
  • IN platforms – Managing all IN services, tariff tool inclusive.
  • @Commander, backup and restore servers - Data management, data configuration and security configurations, performance reports, monitoring and faults analysis.
  • Networks infrastructure Management - Signaling and IP based environment for the IN platforms
  • Managing products and all technical aspects of IN projects including detailed URS write up.
  • Accountable and responsible for security implementations according to the VTL standards, policies and procedures, ensure that all IN systems are properly protected by use of properly configured login scripts and access rules and applying best practices at all times.
  • Administration and support of IN systems infrastructure, Hardware, Software and operating systems
  • Ensure systems services are available to customers by 99.99% a year
  • Prepare capacity forecasting and other relevant reports on regular and irregular basis
  • Keep high standard of self-knowledge on systems architectures, calls flow, protocols and interfaces
  • Advice the IN Line Manager on all technical matters and ensures all technical decisions are based on accurate information.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership

  • System Acquisition (Acquire and Maintain IN Infrastructure such as servers, software and connectivity, Setting and maintaining IN Policies and Procedures, Manage changes to the systems via change management in place and ensure prerequisite documents are thoroughly analyzed and appropriate records are kept, Manage hardware fixes and spare parts list)
  • System Management (Manage performance and capacity of IN infrastructure, inform line management one year in advance of the projected decline of capacity or service quality, Ensure all records in the system are administered and maintained correctly, Ensure continuous service with high availability and minimum disruption, Ensure systems security by safeguarding against unauthorized access on all backend of systems, Manage IN infrastructures configuration by ensuring configuration are as per approved documents (TPD) change history is maintained, Manage the IN network facilities including the server racks, power and network cables, Manage systems problems and incidents. Performing corrective action and/or escalating to the VTL management and to the suppliers, Perform maintenance functions commensurate with own technical knowledge and skills as and when required.)
  • System Operations and Security (Configuration of login scripts, user passwords, access rights, Implementation and enforce security policies as defined and approved by the company, Produce security reports at a schedule given by Line Management, Perform a through security Audit at least once a moth to ensure zero auditing finding in the IN environment by external auditors from group or third parties at moment across the year, Configuration and testing of Tariff plans, Assist all personnel on site with technical matters and perform maintenance functions commensurate with own technical knowledge and skills as and when required)
  • System Monitoring (Monitoring & analysing the processes utilization in the IN infrastructures (database & OS), Benchmarking the IN system parameters so as to assess the response time on call processing)
  • Self-Development (Maintain Personal Development Plan - PDP) Core competencies, knowledge and experience
  • Skills (Terrific analytical with strong problem-solving capabilities, Strong leadership skills, Excellent planning and organizing skills, Project Management skills, Ability to deal and communicate effectively both orally and in writing and to deal courteously, tactfully and diplomatically with other employees, Industrial and proficient in the use of computing tools)
  • Personal Attributes (Superlative aptitude and attitude/mind-set, Customer obsessed individual, Innovation hungry and ambitious to attain excellent results in company goals, Personality of very high integrity, honest and absolute trustworthy, Ability to deal with issues of a complex nature, Ability to work under constant pressure, Assertiveness, Team player, Resilient individual, Action Orientation and high energy personality, Comfortable working in a multicultural environment, Interpersonal sensitivity, An individual that can work with no /minimum supervision)

Must have technical/professional qualifications, competence & Experience
B.Sc. in Computer Science, computer Engineering.
Not less than 2 years’ experience
BSC in Computer Science /Computer engineering
RDBMS database design, administration and management
Software design and development
Linux operating systems-scripting capability
Good knowledge on TCP/IP network administration.
Strong technical skills on storage/systems infrastructure.
Telecommunications experience would be advantageous.
Hands-on experience on software& database design, development would be advantageous.
Must have Strong analytical skills.
The role requires dynamic individual, creative and loyal, committed and would enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.


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