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23 Governmnet Job Opportunities at Tanzania Forest Services (TFS)

23 Governmnet Job Opportunities at Tanzania Forest Services (TFS)
Tanzania Forest Service (TFS) is a semi-autonomous government Executive Agency whose establishment is supported by the Executive Agency Act (Cap. 245 Revised Edition 2009), the National Forest and Beekeeping Policies adopted in March 1998 and administered through The Forest Act (No. 14 of 2002) and Beekeeping Act (No. 15 of 2002) which provides legal framework for the management of forests and bee resources. TFS will develop and manage forest and bee resources sustainably in collaboration with stakeholders in order to deliver sufficient and quality goods and services to meet local and international socio-economic and environmental needs.

The specific role and responsibilities of TFS will be;
(i) Establishing and managing national natural forest and bee reserves;
(ii) Establishing and managing national forest plantations and apiaries;
(iii) Managing forest and bee resources in general land;
(iv) Enforcing Forest and Beekeeping legislation in areas of TFS jurisdiction;
(v) Providing forest and beekeeping extension services in areas of TFS jurisdiction;
(vi) Monitoring and evaluation of TFS activities;
(vii) Developing TFS Human resources;
(viii) Collecting Forestry and Beekeeping revenue;
(ix) Safeguarding TFS Assets and
(x) Marketing of forest and bee products and services.

This Strategic Plan (SP) covers a three year period from the financial year of 2010/2011 to 2012/2013 and is the first Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) Strategic Plan. The process of developing this plan involved situational analysis covering review of plans of Forestry and Beekeeping Department (FBD) where main roles and functions of the Agency were derived. The process also included stakeholders’ analysis and SWOC analysis with the aim of scanning the capacity of the Agency. The situational analysis came up with areas for improvement and critical issues that need to be addressed in the plan.

The critical issues identified in the situation analysis together with other FBD interventions were the basis for developing the mission, vision, core values, objectives, strategies, targets and key performance indicators.
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