Saturday, November 16, 2019

Job Opportunity at Standard Bank Group - Bank Teller

Job Details

Retail & Business Banking

Job Purpose
Responsible for handling customer financial transactions like deposits, withdrawals, transfers, money orders, and checking

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Telling
  • Attend to cashing of cheques, savings withdrawals etc, according to laid down procedures.
  • Accept cash and cheque deposits, following laid-down instructions.
  • Ensure that all items cashed are within laid-down limits and refer items exceeding limits to the appropriate area for authorisation.
  • Ensure that items cashed are technically correct and signed, according to laid-down instructions.
  • Ensure that all cashed items are correctly recorded.
  • Record details of cash breakdowns for all major change transactions as well as cheques and other items cashed.
  • MoneyGram
  • Attend to Send and Receive transactions, according to laid-down instructions.
  • Accept cash for Send transactions, according to laid-down instructions.
  • Ensure that all Send and Receive items are within laid-down limits and refer items exceeding limits to the appropriate area for authorisation.
  • Ensure that Send / Receive items are technically correct, according to laid-down instructions.
  • Ensure that Send / Receive transactions are captured on the MoneyGram system.
  • Ensure that the relevant type of identification is produced when accepting a Send/Receive transaction, according to countries Operational Limits
  • Complete the Agents Only section on the Send / Receive form after processing transaction
  • Ensure that the relevant suspense accounts are Debited / Credited for every Send / Receive transaction.
  • Ensure that reference numbers are captured when debiting / crediting the relevant suspense accounts.
  • Print a receipt for all Send / Receive transactions on the MoneyGram system.
  • Recover fees, where applicable.
  • Assist with the balancing of suspense accounts when required by Treasury Department.
  • Sort Send / Receive forms into laid-down sequences.
  • File Send / Receive receipts and forms with the relevant reports.
  • Read Special Alert Circulars and Messages on the MoneyGram system.
  • Call MoneyGram Toll Free Number for any query on MoneyGram.
  • Control of cash
  • Ensure that all laid-down instructions regarding the handling, locking away and security of cash are adhered to.
  • Ensure that own cash holdings are kept within prescribed limits.
  • Count and balance own cash daily.
  • Report all differences in cash daily.
  • Sign the locking away register daily.
  • Ensure that no unauthorised items are held as cash.

Reactive Selling

  • Identify cross-selling and migration opportunities and sell products / services reactively.
  • Participate in tactical sales / marketing activities as required.
  • Ensure that targets are met.
  • Routine
  • Sort vouchers into laid down sequences and place in waste receptacles on completion of each transaction.
  • Recover unpaid items fees, where applicable.
  • Ensure that Duty of Care requirements are adhered to.
  • Read special alert circulars.
  • All duties to be completed within normal working hours.
  • All overtime is to be authorised on the sign-on sheets by the Branch Manager.
  • And any other duty assigned by the Branch Manager

The following reports must be actioned:

  • BPW2019D Cash Transaction Report.
  • MoneyGram
  • Send Transaction Report
  • Receive Transaction Report
  • Preferred Qualification and Experience
  • A university degree in any relevant field
  • knowledge of the bank’s products and services will be an advantage
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English will be an advantage
  • Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
  • Self motivated
  • Good listening skills
  • Well articulated
  • Customer service orientated
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure – resilient
  • Methodical, organised, accurate and pays attention to detail