Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Job Opportunity at Kazini Kwetu, Teacher - Early Child Hood

Place: Kigamboni, DAR
Deadline: 25th November, 2019


Provides a stimulating, safe, and developmentally appropriate educational environment where children have the opportunity to develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. Provides a block and lesson plan by which classes are conducted. May lead and functionally supervise teacher's aides or assistants. Suitable candidates should apply not later than 3rd November, 2019.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Organizes and provides developmentally appropriate early childhood education programs; plans and implements curriculum and education for children of up to six yearsof age.
  2. Provides activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving appropriate to the developmental levels and learning styles of children.
  3. Plans and prepares classroom setting; oversees safety and educational programs; supervises children in the classroom; provides a supportive environment in which children can learn and practice appropriate and acceptable individual and group behaviors.
  4. Interacts with parents and community groups; maintains open and cooperative communication with parents and families, encouraging their involvement in the program and supporting the child's family relationships.
  5. Writes and compiles individual assessments of each child's development; completes daily inventories, child attendance, and related reports.
  6. Performs anyother duties as assigned by management

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  1. Knowledge of early childhood education programs and techniques.
  2. Knowledge of child development theory and practice.
  3. Ability to evaluate, design, and implement curriculum, testing, and/or teaching methodologies.
  4. Ability to provide activities for children that encourage healthy growth.
  5. Ability to exercise control and maintain classroom discipline.
  6. Knowledge of applicable safety procedures.
  7. Ability to provide a supportive and caring environment for children.

Warning: Never Pay To Get A Job. Legitimate companies dont ask for money.