Thursday, December 5, 2019

Job Opportunity at Crossover, Software Developer - $30,000/year USD

Software Developer - $30,000/year USD - JobID #3890
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Are you ready to turbocharge your career? Imagine a place where you are well paid, have the smartest peers, grow your skills, and can work from almost anywhere. Crossover is the future of work and a global leader in software industry talent. We are growing rapidly across nearly 50 different job positions. This listing is for our Software Engineer position, but we have found great applicants often have a current title of Software Developer or similar, so don’t be confused about that difference, we are glad you found us. Hit “Apply” to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Crossover offers a unique opportunity for super-smart software developers to accelerate their career growth and become a remote developer working directly for international companies, escaping the default route composed of grade-B offshore dev-centers.

Joining us, working with the top 1% of the smartest developers in the world is a BIG forward-thinking move. You become a real

Key responsibilities:

Working directly for our global remote customers
Improve the quality of our portfolio containing more than 150 different B2B software products
Deliver everything with excellent quality - writing unit-tests with optimal coverage, refactoring code smells and fixing bugs
Identify and automate-away as many manual tasks as you can

Candidate requirements:

  • 2+ years as a full-time developer
  • Proficiency with one or more of the following: C#, Java, JavaScript, C++ or as a FrontEnd developer using AngularJS/ReactJS
  • A profound understanding of OOP fundamentals
  • Ability to quickly understand the essence of code written by others
  • Ability to write simple, clear and maintainable code
  • Super ambitious - wants to become a world-class developer

Nice to have:

  • Hands-on experience writing unit tests
  • Comes from a DevOps/CICD dev culture
  • Experience with cloud/docker environments
  • Writing and debugging SQL queries

What you will be doing:

As a member of our global remote-teams you work directly with one of our international customers, escaping the default route composed of grade-B offshore dev-centers.

Our Software Engineers help us to improve the quality of our portfolio containing more than 150 different B2B software products, most of which are cloud-based. You will be writing unit-tests to create optimal code coverage, refactoring code to eliminate smells found by our automated tools, and resolve bugs, all with great quality. You will be improving your coding quality and efficiency week over week as every line of code in your pull-requests is reviewed both automatically and manually, providing you with clear insights and immediate feedback. This will enable you to become a world-class coder.

As part of our endless chase for better quality and improved efficiency we are automating away as many manual tasks as we can. Our developers leverage our automated tools and environments and we expect them to come up with great automation ideas and then to carry them out. Owning the “automate-away” mindset is priceless in the global world.

There is so much to cover for this exciting role, and space here is limited. If you found this interesting, Apply on After applying you will take a few online “screening” assessments to check for a basic fit, and then move on to some real-world written questions. You will also be assigned to one of our recruiting specialists who can answer questions you might have about the process, role, or company, and help you get to the final interview step. We look forward to meeting you!