3 Field Supervisors at NETIS Tanzania LTD

3 Field Supervisors at NETIS Tanzania LTD


INDUSTRY: Telecommunication

This position will be responsible for managing all field technicians duties in Operations and
Maintenance division in terms overall Sites maintenance on power functionality.

The main duties FMS are:

  • Manage site maintenance Technicians as per SLA
  • Coordinate site maintenance and power activities on daily basis
  • Preparation of monthly site maintenance preventive schedules and generation of end of month reports
  • Power spares inventory management
  • Administrative support to Technicians



Passive Uptime and Operation

  • To achieve internal network availability/uptime target 99.995%
  • To ensure PM is executed as per SOP guidelines
  • To ensure there is NO penalty or any other Liquidated Damages
  • To ensure all sites are visible through external alarms and RMS as per customer requirements
  • Managing Field Technicians in terms of maintenance, overseeing generators maintenance services.
  • To ensure that Field Technicians carries their work effectively and efficiently.
  • Schedule preventative-maintenance programs in relation to generator hours.
  • Follow on daily basis schedule for generators refueling as per fuelling schedule
  • Manage all generator faults and ensure minimal generator running times
  • Make sure that site Field Technicians minimize call-outs and enhance cost effective usage of spares and vehicle fuel
  • Update site data base for entire network monthly basis
  • Analyzing faults reports from NOC and Performance team and share permanent resolution plan
  • Receiving and storing all acceptance or receipt documents/forms
  • Report all upgrade/replacement of equipment caused load increase at site
  • Report all issues captures at site that compromising customer compliance
  • Timely sharing of all O&M Reports as per stipulated timelines.

Management of Field Technician

  • Ensure that all Technicians follows all technical specifications and HTT/NETIS regulations
  • Prepare motivation and analyze quotes for equipment from Field Technicians and ensure purchase order are timely issued
  • Guide and manage the maintenance contractors on specifications
  • Motivate and train the Technicians

OPEX Reduction

  • Management of OPEX saving initiatives to reduce site fuel consumption.
  • Ownership and management of monthly field team vehicle fuel to meet the target amount.


  • Ensure all health and safety regulations are implemented and adhered to
  • Follow Policies, Procedures and Regulations defined by NETIS/ SHEQ
  • Prepare policies and procedures for maintenance best practice
  • Constant liaison with other departments on issues related to maintenance or the administration thereof
  • Prepare daily , weekly and monthly reports or any report as may be required


  • Training and self-development
  • Keep up to date with new technologies


  • Must be prepared to work extra hours as required
  •  Immediate response to emergency situations
  • Multi-tasking and leadership
  • Should be capable to work with multi department


  • Minimum required Reasons
  • Tertiary qualification in
  • Electrical/Electronic Diploma or
  • Engineering, degree or diploma
  • Analytical, detailed focused in managing process especially use of computer system and tools in power management and monitoring
  • Tertiary qualification in Project Management will be an added advantage
  • The ability to effectively understand Project management especially scheduling and meeting deadlines
  • Prerequisite knowledge of GSM or Telecom systems
  • Specific ability to understand process and enhance fault finding
  • Prerequisite knowledge of Power systems
  • Specific ability to manage and enhance the power systems management.

  • Minimum required Reasons
  • 3-5 years’ experience within related business activities, telecom experience will be an added advantage
  • Understand the profile of a GSM System and Power related equipment company and main focus areas


  • Computer and Engineering background
  • GSM general knowledge
  • All GSM network power related equipment’s
  • Team Management
  • Business ManagementCo-ordination Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  •  Computer Skills
  •  Business Acumen
  •  Information Management
  •  Leadership
  •  Risk Management
  •  Scoping of projects
  •  Communication
  • Planning
  •  Team Working Skills
  •  Accuracy
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • IT systems and reporting
  • Operation Management and skills
  • Other Project Management Techniques
  • Proactive
  • Detail Conscious
  • Achievement/Drive
  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Logical Thinker
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Assertive
  • Decisive
  • Quality Orientated
  • Adaptable

*PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES such as: outgoing, socially confident, practical, analytical, good judgment, conceptual, intellectual, creative,
detail conscious, flexible, adaptable, independent, tough minded, conscientious, emotional control, decisive, ability to concentrate,
integrity, initiative, perseverance, personal impact, stress tolerant, tenacious, tolerance for ambiguity, driving personality, etc.

(e.g. physical strength and/or fitness, good health, good hearing, good vision, not colour blind, good voice quality, no
speech impediment, appearance, dress, absence of phobias e.g. heights, claustrophobia, water, open spaces, etc.)
Requirements Reasons
Good Health Not to affect work
Neat appearance Dealing with suppliers, etc
Clear Speech To be clearly understood and provide guidance

Interested candidates should send their CV (pdf) to
recruitmenttz@netisgroup.net not later than Tuesday 31st December
2019 at 17.00 pm. The Subject line should address the Title of the position
failure of which the application will be rendered unqualified. Female
Candidates are highly encouraged to apply for the position.