Thursday, July 9, 2020

Various Teachers Job Opportunities at Job Junction


 But also we are in need of UGANDAN TEACHERS.

1. Geography and English.
  School location: Kigamboni Dar es salaam
  Gender: Female/Madam
  Age : From 25 and above
  School level: Nursery to Grade iv
  Qualification: Diploma or Degree
  Working Experience: one to Three in Management acadmic/head
  Salary from 500,000/ to 650,000/=

2. Biology,Chemistry,History and Kiswahili.
     School location:Dar Es Salam
     School Level: Ordinary level
     Qualification: Diploma and Degree.
     Addition: Not with E or F in Teaching Subjects (Advance)
     Salary Range: 800,000/= to 920,000/=
     Other: Lunch, Breakfast and House

3. Physics and Mathematics
    School Location: Kibaha Coast and Muheza Tanga
     School Level: Ordinary levels
     Nature of the School: both (Seminary boys only)
     Qualification: Diploma and Degree.
     Addition: Not with E or F in Teaching Subjects (Advance)
     Salary Range: Tanga 800,000/= to 920,000/=
     Salary Range : Kibaha 400,000/= to 500,000/=
     Other: Lunch, Breakfast and House
       Only (Tanga and Kibahan)

4. Ugandan Teacher Needed.
    We are in need of Teachers from Uganda
     Subjects: Science and Mathematics
     School: Location is Ilala Dar es salaam
     School Level: Primary Level
     Offer: Work permit and Resident Permit
     Salary Range: 450,000/= to 500,000/= Tanzanian Money.
     Other: Lunch, Breakfast and House

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