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Job Opportunity at Johns Hopkins University CCP, Finance and Administration Director

Finance and Administration Director  

Johns Hopkins University

Center for Communication Programs (TZ) Limited

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Working Title: Finance and Administration Director

General Description:

Seeking candidates for the position of Finance and Administration Director for the Tanzania Vector Control Activity (TVCA), a USAID/President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)-funded project for implementing proven, evidence-based vector control approaches in Tanzania to reduce the burden of malaria, managed by Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP).

The successful candidate will be based in Dar Es Salaam with travel assignments within Tanzania. They report to the Chief of Party.

General Summary:

The Finance and Administration Director is the primary financial officer of the program. They:

Ensure that financial functions support the timely and effective implementation of the program’s technical scope of work. This includes ensuring all financial transactions are complete, accurate, timely, adequate, and appropriate;
Ensures that resources are allocated and used in compliance with contract requirements, JHU policy, and applicable USG regulations.
Ensures compliance with Tanzanian law, including timely submission of all tax and benefits paperwork;
Will be responsible for comprehensive financial, operations, and administrative oversight for the TVCA project;
Will support other project partners to ensure financial compliance;
Shall be the link between the Chief of Party (COP) and various project departments and staff in terms of meeting financial and logistic requirements for managing the project office and all field programs.
Key Responsibilities & Tasks:

Oversight and development of financial systems and tools
Provide guidance on CCP finance and operational policies and procedures where applicable
Ensure the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, adequacy, and appropriateness of all financial transactions and related support i.e. ensure all financial transactions meet audit standards
Immediately inform, guide and request revision to supporting documents that do not meet donor, JHU, or audit requirement (e.g. incomplete or inaccurate forms, missing support, illegible photocopies, missing printed names, signatures, dates, etc.)
Prepare the monthly bank reconciliation and ensure the final financial reports and original supporting transactions are submitted to the CCP imprest team not later than the 15th after the month closes
Prepare monthly payroll ensuring receipt of all timesheets and leave requests from HR, calculating and filing of PAYE, social security remissions, and other statutory payroll requirements
Maintain petty cash box securely as per country finance manual including issuing petty cash upon request, following up on receipts, reconciling the petty cash monthly, performing cash counts, monitoring physical cash to QuickBooks, and immediately addressing discrepancies
Prepare petty cash vouchers and ensure receipts are attached timely
Maintain adequate and appropriate levels of petty cash formally requesting changes as needed via the CCP imprest team in Baltimore
Ensure cash received is kept in the safe and is deposited into the bank within the specified in the country finance manual
Prepare the annual USAID-required report of foreign taxes (VAT report)
Timely prepare and remit all statutory taxes to the Tanzania Revenue Authority, including payroll and other financial items as required
Assist non-finance staff to prepare adequate justifications to support budgets and transactions
Orient travellers on correct and appropriate travel policies and procedures before taking advances
Follow-up weekly on outstanding advances for program activity or travel ensuring adherence to organizational policies and procedures
Maintain and communicate to staff on appropriate allocations for shared office costs based on space and effort
Make field visits as necessary to provide support, verify, and document verifications of transactions as required
Accrue for severance in QuickBooks
Follow appropriate protocol for reporting suspected internal controls violations

Staff supervision responsibilities
Manage the work of direct reports and provide supervisory responsibilities
Promote staff development through training, counselling, and performance evaluation of the staff of the CCP TZ under your supervision
Ensure that direct reports are implementing duties as assigned
Conduct timely annual performance reviews for direct reports
Manage performance of direct reports timely and in a way that facilitates growth and improvement in accordance with CCP Baltimore HR guidance

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s of commerce finance, business administration, or related field
Certified public accountant (CPA).
At least 8 years’ experience in financial management of donor-funded programs of similar size.
Strong organizational skills and the ability to work in a team-oriented environment.
Ability to work well with others.
Excellent communication skills.
Knowledge of U.S. Government cost principles, rules, and regulations.
Knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and AIDAR demonstrated experience in supporting program and technical staff to ensure resources are used efficiently and to accurately account for expenditures.
Strong organizational skills and the ability to work in a team-oriented environment.
Exceptional computer skills, particularly in Microsoft Excel, and experience using commercially available accounting software programs.
Ability to apply mathematical concepts that include but are not limited to algebra, probability, statistics and numerical analysis.
Ability to work independently in a high profile, fast-paced and multi tasked environment.
Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.

Preferred Qualifications:

At least 8 years’ experience managing USAID projects, including USAID contracts At least 1 year experience using QuickBooks

Instructions for submitting your application:
The requirements differ for each job posting. Please review the full job description to ensure you meet the needs of the job to which you are applying.

All candidates are required to submit an up to date Cover Letter, CV, and other application materials using our web form. The form includes a drop-down menu that contains a list of our open positions. You must select the name of the open position you are interested in before completing the form. If you are applying for more than one position, please submit a separate entry for each application.

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Deadline for receiving applications is  03 September, 2020 at 11:59 pm GMT +3.


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