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2 Job Opportunities at HJF Medical Research International (HJFMRI) - Various Posts


Senior Manager, Contracts and Partnership Management

Reports to: Operations Director
Location: Mbeya, Tanzania

Job Summary
The Senior Manager, Contracts and Partnership Management will manage the administration of contract and partnership activities of the HJFMRI-Tanzania in accordance with HJF/HJFMRI regulations to ensure financial accountability. S/he will oversee budget proposals and partners’ milestone financial expenditures, interpret contract and grants regulations and guidelines for spending, as well as ensuring that standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes within the contract processing are followed.

Manage relationships between the program implementing partners and stakeholders, identify and exploit opportunities for new partnerships and to link the aims and interests of HJFMRI, Tanzania Government, Non-governmental organizations and communities so as to provide an effective program implementation. As a key member of the HJMRI-Tanzania Senior team, s/he will work closely and collaboratively with the Executive Director, Operations Director, other Directors and Senior Managers to ensure a systematic, process-driven approach to partner contracts and relationship management.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement all strategic and administrative initiatives within the required timeframe in collaboration with the Operations Director i.e roll-out of HJF/HJFMRI contractual /partnership guidelines or processes, departmental strategy and goals; development of annual plans and budgets.
  • Supervises the day to day contracts and partnership management for the HJFMRI PEPFAR program in Tanzania, including: reconciliation and analysis of monthly financial statements for small and large partners, monthly reporting, and submits reports to HJF/HJFMRI HQ in the US.
  •  Maintains communication with the Executive Director and Contract Managers at HQ to report and address any contracts and partnership - related administrative or compliance issue in a timely manner; Ensures all cost transfers are prepared with appropriate backup documentation;
  • Evaluates the capacity of partners to manage contracts including, development of work plans/remediation plans/improvement plans, identification and implementation of necessary metrics/milestones, monitoring, and integration of new systems into site activities;
  • Coordinate with program teams in the field, including with contract and finance staff to ensure that partner onsite reviews are conducted semiannually and on annually basis to manage risks and facilitate compliance of partner’s programs with donor and HJFMRI requirements and raise issues affecting external/internal compliance.
  • Set up a monitoring agreement with each partner, with a duel emphasis on compliance and risk management for contracts, as well as a monitoring plan to measure the impact of the capacity building programme on partner capacity and the ability to implement good quality programmes.
  • Directs and coordinates staff (oversees a team of 12 staff that work on contracts and partnership for both central and regional offices), systems and procedures related to processing of contracts agreements; manage daily activities of the contract and grants department and develops goals and objectives for the department;
  • Work with colleagues to collect and track data on the effectiveness of partnerships through identifying issues as they arise, conducting partnership surveys, assessing possible solutions, and executing those solutions. Demonstrating the impact of partnerships through reports, presentations, newsletters and annual reviews.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to structure and execute partner management initiatives, lead analysis and communicate final recommendations for growing partner relationships.
  • Manage the contract portfolio for both small and large partners and serve as contract point of contact, working closely with HQ and regional office program staff, to ensure smooth implementation of awards by providing guidance, regulation interpretation and advising on any award implementation issues that is contractual in nature;,
  •  Facilitate internal or external audits for small and large partners by providing information and documentation as requested and design appropriate actions following audit reviews;
  • Develops, conducts and administers in-house and external compliance and partnership training initiatives including staff training, partners training, with approval from HJFMRI-Tanzania or HJF/HJFMRI HQ in the US in areas not limited to grant writing, grant monitoring, budgeting, compliance, documentation and information management, and ethics.
  • Support staff development initiatives for contracts and partnership staff; through preparation of training modules for scheduled group trainings, linking individuals to training platforms and one-on-one mentoring/technical assistance.
  • Oversee implementation of partner meetings in liaison with Contracts Manager, department staff and program leads i.e kick off, annual planning and budgeting, review meetings with IPs and key stakeholders.
  • Reviews and approves partner milestone payment requests before they are executed, monitor contract progress and compliance, works closely with partners to resolve problems and lead negotiations with large and small partners on modifications and edits of contracts;
  •  In collaboration with the contract managers at both HJFMRI TZ and HQ, develops updates and regularly reviews and maintain a variety of partner contract templates to be utilized under its prime awards by counterpart staff;
  • Coordinate strategic partnership-building approaches with government, donor, civil society, and other HJFMRI stakeholders (i.e POLRAG) for the appropriate program implementation and contracts process compliance.
  •  Manage a capacity development program through working closely with HJF/HJFMRI HQ to ensure that partners have proper policies and procedures in place related to contractual compliance by developing, improving and revising policies related to procurement, collaboration, program management, grants and contractual compliance, to ensure integration and proper implementation;
  • Review service agreements and partner contracts to ensure compliance with the terms and to identify conflicts or changes requiring resolution at contract renewal.
  • Oversee preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual partner financial and narrative reports for the HJFMRI/WRP-Tanzania program including monthly and annual fiscal partners records and reports and audit schedules including submitting monthly partner milestone expense report to the HJ/HJFMRI HQ in the US
  • Ensure appropriate information is collected, records are kept and that reports in relation to contracts and partnerships are written as required
  •  Initiates various personnel actions including hiring, performance appraisal, promotions, transfers, and vacation schedules for the contracts and partnership team/department;
  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • Post graduate qualification and experience in relevant field of studies that can bring added value to the job;
  • Minimum of 15 years of experience in international development with an NGO and/or for-profit in the development sector desired.
  • Minimum of 8 - 10 years of experience with the administration of USG and non-USG awards (both contracts and partnership) working knowledge and ability to interpret and apply USG regulation including knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, donor regulations, etc. USAID, Dept. of State, and other international development donor experience.
  • A demonstrable track record of delivering outcomes that require collaborative approaches across organizations.
  • Must have strong program management with experience in conducting situation analysis, identification of possible partnering opportunities, evaluation of potential partners, negotiation of agreements and work plans with various partners.
  •  Knowledge and experience in Federal Government Contracts, international contract/subcontract in Africa.
  •  Solid history of supervisory experience, including mentorship for both senior staff as well as junior staff.
  •  Proven effective and efficient leading and management skills in a diverse, multi-national and lingual work environment
  •  Ability to multi-task; ability to take responsibility for a diverse number of projects and to complete them in a timely manner with limited supervision
  • Technologically savvy including experience with: Microsoft Excel, Word and Power-point, and other online training platforms.

Director, Laboratory Services

Reports: Executive Director
Location: Mbeya, Tanzania

Job Summary
Under the direction and supervision of the Executive Director for the Henry Jackson Foundation Medical Research International (HJFMRI) - Tanzania, the incumbent will direct and manage the successful implementation of laboratory based activities at HJFMRI-supported facilities consistent with the principles of the United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The incumbent will be based in Mbeya and will be responsible for coordinating and leveraging WRAIR/HJFMRI Laboratory activities and expertise with other U.S. government, international and host government agencies as it relates to the activities supported in Tanzania and East Africa by the DoD/US MHRP. The incumbent will also coordinate development of laboratory capacity under PEPFAR with laboratory activities conducted in Tanzania.

The incumbent will have supervisory and managerial responsibility over personnel hired by HJFMRI for laboratory operations at HJFMRI-supported health facilities in Tanzania. The incumbent will ensure that HJFMRI Laboratory activities are planned and executed with quality, accountability, and measurable impact. S/he will represent the HJFMRI laboratory program activities with other USG agencies, donors, as the site representative for lab operations. Most importantly, the incumbent will develop and maintain strong, collaborative relationships with counterparts and colleagues in the relevant ministries and government entities across the regions supported by HJFMRI. rehensive HIV prevention care and treatment program in 21 sites throughout the country.


  • Functions as a critical team member of the HJFMRI Tanzania team supporting care and treatment activities, attending scheduled HJFMRI, as well as ad-hoc, meetings.
  • Ensures there is a robust supply of all necessary commodities and supplies necessary for the successful provision of high-quality lab services in supported region
  • Oversees the sample collection infrastructure needed to ensure successful implementation of lab (diagnosis and suppression) activities supported by HJFMRI
  • Provides senior-level coordination and supervision of laboratory team, ensuring activities in the lab are implemented in sync with the clinical, community, and strategic information teams with an emphasis on collaboration and teamwork for success
  • Leads the development of budgets and work plans for the laboratory services
  • Ensures that laboratory capabilities at all supported facilities are in place with adequate quality controls
  • Ensures that current protocols are running smoothly, prepares interim reports as needed
  • Offers expertise to other potential academic and USG funded partners as required
  • Oversees specimen storage facilities, particularly -80 freezers, ensures correct conditions are met; all stored specimens are correctly documented and are easily retrieved
  • Overseas transport of specimens for repatriation when required
  • Supervises correct transport and reception of specimens and ensures testing in appropriate time scales
  • Provides and resources technical advice/assistance and analysis for improving laboratory services with particular emphasis on quality management in the clinical laboratory.
  • Provides leadership in the development and execution of training programs at the training centre in Mbeya for laboratory management and quality services.
  • Provides technical assistance in the development and strengthening of capabilities in program-supported laboratories across the regions
  • Works with in country USG committees, providing support and undertaking assigned tasks as needed as part of the overall USG effort under PEPFAR.
  • Represents HJFMRI interests in expansion of HIV/AIDS prevention and care and treatment activities in Tanzania and leveraging of relevant areas of DoD expertise to assist other USG and DoD efforts.
  • Serves as active member of Senior Management Team and works collaboratively with other members to ensure program success.
  • Supports the scale up of viral load testing in the program through evaluation and installation of appropriate platforms. Serves as a leading voice in evaluating performance of viral load testing in the program in general.
  • Oversees the setting up and implementation of HIV Drug Resistance testing (HIVDRT) by recruiting, training and mentoring staff on HIVDRT and ensuring daily HIVDRT activities take place at the Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital Laboratory as required.
  • Supports the continued implementation of quality Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) of HIV in HIV-exposed infants in the program. This involves development of training materials, coordination of training and overseeing the transport mechanisms for EID in the program.
  • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor


  • Ensures the Program is well represented on in-country Technical working groups such as the Lab, HIV Drug Resistance and PMTCT TWGs.
  • Provides collaborative assistance to other program personnel and health scientists that require the incumbent's expertise.
  • Maintains a safe work environment with appropriate training of other personnel.
  • Completes other projects as needed.


  • Knowledge and experience regarding successful implementation of laboratory operations and activities in resource limited settings.
  • Knowledge of good clinical laboratory science, quality management systems and standards for accreditation.
  • Laboratory management experience and training in international settings. Program monitoring and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of applicable complex technology; an ability to communicate effectively to include excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills; ability to troubleshoot technical procedures; ability to work independently and supervise others.


  • Master’s degree in related scientific or laboratory science discipline. Doctoral degree preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years related lab management experience and 3-5 years of PEPFAR experience
  • Incumbent will be expected to live and work in Mbeya, Tanzania and travel to field locations supported by WRAIR/HJFMRI in Tanzania
  • Required Licenses, Certification or Registration: N/A
  • Supervisory Responsibilities/Controls:
  • Incumbent will work under the supervision of the Executive Director for HJFMRI Tanzania, and will supervise a number of laboratory operations staff in Tanzania.
  • Work Environment:
  • Office/field environment; may require working evenings and weekends; may involve working with bio-hazardous materials.
  • Any qualifications to be considered as equivalents, in lieu of stated minimums, require the prior approval of Human Resources

Method of Application
Cover letters and resumes should be sent by mail through post/EMS/DHL/ or any reliable Courier to the

Human Resources and Administration Manager, 
P.O. Box 6396,

or sent through e-mail to recruitment@wrp.or.tz

NOTE: To be considered, applicants must put the TITLE OF THE JOB in the SUBJECT LINE. “CVs should not include any reference to marital status, birthplace, or tribal or religious affiliations. Any CVs containing this information will not be considered for employment”. Applications that are hand-delivered will not be accepted. The deadline for submitting the application is September 30th, 2020.
HJFMRI is an equal opportunity employer; women are highly encouraged to apply.

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