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Online Teachers Application System (Oteas) : OTEAS Tamisemi

OTEAS Tamisemi ajira za walimu, OTEAS ajira za walimu Tamisemi, OTEAS Tamisemi Login, Tamisemi OTEAS Register (Registration).

Find here the Tamisemi Online Teachers Application System (OTEAS) for the interested teachers  job seeker to access new teaching openings. It is a sophisticated system whereby all slots are made available for all qualified graduates and teachers. Tanzanian citizen have welcomed this move with open arms as people can access relevant data in real-time.

To apply these Jobs you need to register yourself to the


How to Register to the Online Teachers Application System -(Oteas).
1. Get The Applicant Registration Form which will appear as below

2. Click on “You don’t have Account? Click here to Create” and you will get the application form as below and fill it accordingly.

Start your application HERE

(if the link doesn’t work I personally advice you to use OPERA BROWSER)

Online Teachers Application System -(Oteas)
Teachers Application- OTEAS Tamisemi Login
Teachers Application- OTEAS Tamisemi Register
To see announcement CLICK HERE

Visit ajira.tamisemi.go.tz to access Tamisemi Online Teachers Application System (OTEAS) portal. You will be welcomed by the home page, whereby you can access all the current openings. Since it is your first application and you are not yet in the system, you need to register.

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