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Job Opportunity at Celebi Aviation Holding, Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Celebi Aviation Holding

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


We are looking for a Finance Manager to take over all the responsibilities of Finance Activities in Celebi Tanzania.

Group Profile

  • First privately founded Independent Ground Handling Company in the world established in 1958 in Turkey.
  • Global provider of Airport Services Present in 5 Countries and 38 Airports
  • Cargo Hub Developer in the Istanbul Grand Airport, Budapest and Delhi International Airport
  • Market leader in Turkey, Hungary and India
  • Group Aviation website is www.celebiaviation.com/en


  • Providing Ground Handling & Cargo Services at Tanzania Airport
  • Celebi Airport Services Tanzania Private Limited.
  • Celebi Tanzania has an aggressive plan to expand business in Tanzania (organically or inorganically).


  • Originates financing and accounting strategies to support business objectives depending on the company vision, mission, and values, as well as legal procedures.
  • Establishes current and long-term objectives, policies, and operating procedures that will provide effectiveness in the financial growth of the company.
  • Represents the company and its values in its relationships with major customers, suppliers, commercial and investment groups, financial groups, authorities, and professional bodies.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, controls, and develops all financial activities including:

Finance &Accounting


Internal control



Financial reporting system 



  • Formulates and recommends financial strategies and policies in accordance with the company’s vision, mission, values, and legal procedures implement the approved ones, develops and revises them when needed.
  • Confers with company officials to plan business objectives.
  • Delivers targets to his subordinates, evaluates their performances in compliance with established company policies.
  • Audits periodically all the records of the Finance and Accounts department.
  • Evaluates technology solutions to improve financial data management.
  • Follows the sectoral improvement in the world and India, benchmarks other companies’ financial implementations for improvement, shares them with the management and his team.
  • Develops and manages annual budgets for the company and its division and performs periodic cost and productivity analyses.
  • Prepares regulations for finance & accounts and submits them to the MD for approval; prepares and publishes the related procedures upon the approval of regulations to declare them to all employees.
  • Recommends new strategical projects or new offers and reports them to MD.

Finance & Accounting:

  • Formulates and administers approved accounting practices in fields such as financial reporting, management accounting, cost accounting, banking and cashing, credit and collection, procurement, and internal budgeting.
  • Ensures the soundness of company accounting policies and compliance with Indian accounting standards, implements internal control mechanisms and monitors accounting practices in terms of accuracy, legacy, and timeliness.
  • Oversees financial risks and analyzes cash flow, cost controls, and expenses to guide the management team for future plans. Analyzes financial statements to pinpoint potential weak areas.
  • Handles entire finance and accounts portfolio of the business independently, ranging from budgeting to generation of trial balance and financial statements.


  • Defines and gets prepares budgeting parameters annually, submits to MD for approval, and informs management team before budget planning.
  • Analyze department budgets, reviews actual budget against planned budget, and get the reports prepared that explain budget deviations.
  • Warns MD about potential discrimination on the budget in a timely manner.


  • Manages direct and indirect taxation matters efficiently.
  • Gets claim prepared for tax refund and maintains tax records as required.

Internal audit:

  • Ensures record systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Audits periodically all the records of the Finance and Accounts department.

Treasury functions:

  • Reviews the cash position of the company regularly and plans the maintenance of adequate funds through cash and other financial forecasts.
  • Monitors banking credit and insurance functions of the company.
  • Negotiates borrowing facilities with banks.
  • Manages foreign exchange exposure and money market activities.

Administrative :

  • Provides the financial reports, regulations & procedures, and all other files/documents kept and archived in order and safe with high confidentiality.
  • Ensures that employees are following financial procedures & regulations.
  • Submits reports including MIS, Actual vs. Budget, etc. periodically to MD and executive managers.


Qualification of CA/ MBA or Postgraduate with significant experience in Finance.

Possess good communication, interpersonal and leadership skill.

The incumbent should be a go-getter

Proactive action is an important quality.

Preferably from the Aviation Sector.


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