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Download 5 Best Taarab Mixes on Mdundo

Tanzania is widely known and appreciated for being the home of Taarab music in East Africa. Taarab music mostly revolves around love and issues around relationships. In this article, we review 5 top Taarab mixes you should download on Mdundo.

Taarab Mdundo Mix #01

This mixtape has top songs from renowned Taarab artists like;  Isha Masahuzi, Leyla Rashid and Jahazi Modern Taarab. These songs highlight the importance of love and how it feels to be loved. 

Taarab Mdundo Kabambe #06

This mixtape has latest Taarab songs with one of the top hits being Mauzauza by Zuchu featuring her mother Khadija Kopa.  Other artists featured in this mix include; Jahazi Modern Taarab and Khadija Yusuf.

Taarab Mdundo Mix #07

This mixtape has exclusive Taarb hits from celebrated artists like; Leila Rashid, Khadija Kopa and Diamond Platnumz. The songs in this mix are directed to those who like getting involved in matters  that do not concern them.

Taarab Mdundo pure #05 Mix

This mix features Bongo artists who have songs that have a Taarab vibe.The artists featured include;  Mbosso, Lavalava, Diamond Platnumz and Yamoto band. 

Taarab Mdundo Mix #02

This is arguably one of the best Taarab mixes you’ll ever listen to.It has songs from Taarab stars like;  Jahazi Fatuma, Jahazi Modern Taarab and Isha Mashauzi. 

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