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Download Five Hot Hip Hop Mixtapes from Bongo on Mdundo


Download Five Hot Hip Hop Mixtapes from Bongo on Mdundo

The scene of hip hop music in Tanzania has been changing over years. Initially Tanzanian hip hop music was the original Bongo Flava.

Notable in this genre were TMK Wanaume Original, Dog Malik, JCB, Watengwa,Chindo aka Umbwax, Donii, Wadudu wa dampo, Jambo Squad, Gnako, Weusi,, among  others.

Tanzanian rappers highlighted what they saw around them. Their content is about poverty, the dangers of HIV, corruption and the general difficulty of growing up in a developing nation at that time.

As we try to highlight the growth of this hip hop music we are giving you the opportunity to download  4 mixtapes from Bongo.

Mr Blue, Nandy, Khaligraph, Voices, Cardinals, Darassa, latest Bongo HipHop

This is a mix of strong songs from famous artists from Kenya and Tanzania. These are songs of romantic content and the rhythm is entertaining. The artists involved in these songs are Nameless, Khaligraph, Masauti, Darassa, Wakadanili among others. Download this mixtape and enjoy with your loved one.

TMK Wanaume, Chege, Professor Jay, Gadafy, Nonini, QTAC, Ousmane, Amani - BONGO
In this DJ Bee mix that brings together several original hip hop artists such as Professor Jay, Gaddafi, TMK Men, Chege, Ousmane among many more. Download this mixtape to discover the art of traditional hip hop music in Kiswahili.

Bamboo, Chege, TMK Men, Collo, Temba
In enjoying East African hip hop music Tmk men, Mwana Fa, Ay is one of the leading artists from Tanzania who have given hip hop music the opportunity to be accepted. So in this mixtape DJ Bee gives you a mix of songs from some of those artists who are famous in the field of hip hop music.


Rosa Ree, Roberto, Darassa, Nameless, Sho Madjozi,
This is a mix that shows Rosa Ree's dominance in Hip hop music and adds to the rhythm with Darassa’s songs. Thus the sum up of this mixtape of DJ Bee is to show the agility and talent of musicians like Nameless, Sho Madjozi and many others. Download this mixtape and enjoy the bliss that comes with it.


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