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Job Opportunity at Ubongo, Youtube Manager


Youtube Manager  

We are looking for a visionary, passionate and diligent  YouTube Manager, to take ownership of growing the reach and impact of our online video content for kids in Africa and around the world. Working at Ubongo won’t be easy, but it will challenge and excite you with lots of responsibilities, plenty of fun, and give you the opportunity to impact the lives of millions of kids every day


Refine and implement scheduling and uploading processes to maximize growth of our channels, their reach and their impact.

Main Activities:  

  • Developing the processes that we have in place for scheduling the upload of content
  • Setting the annual/ monthly schedules for videos across all of our channels
  • Communicating with the Adaptation, Production and Post Production teams to know what content is ready to share on YouTube
  • Coordinating uploads of new videos and promotional videos with the marketing team
  • Creating video metadata (titles, tags, thumbnails) and playlists.
  • Working with the adaptation team to get metadata translated into other languages
  • Uploading video metadata and publishing videos to YouTube!
  • Developing solutions that integrate YouTube workflows with the workflows of our other products like the Toolkits Platform*
  • Optimize existing YouTube channels and strategically develop and roll out new channels

Main Activities:  

  • Optimize existing channels by keeping written information (e.g. channel descriptions) and visuals (e.g. channel icons and banners) up-to-date and adjusting for SEO and ‘stickiness’
  • Strategizing with Adaptation and Marketing teams about which channels to launch and when, and implementing launch plans
  • Setting up new channels for new content (by show and by language)
  • Regularly checking channel analytics and communicating highlights with the rest of the digital team
  • Research and experiment to maximise reach (unique viewers) and engagement (watchtime).

Main Activities: 

  • Monitor and analyze YouTube Studio analytics daily and identify trends over time
  • Read articles and watch videos about how YouTube’s algorithm works and what kind of content, metadata and scheduling works best on the platform
  • Run experiments based on theories developed by yourself and your team, and share results/ learnings/ strategic updates with broader Ubongo team
  • Integrate lessons learned into daily practise and update the YouTube playbook
  • Update the rest of the digital team on trends and findings


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