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Job Opportunity at World Vision International, Hygiene and Sanitation Officer – KIHEWA Project


Ensure KIHEWA Program technical support, work plan activities implementation and operations to achieve the intended program results and impact in a cost effective manner, while maintaining a high level of excellence and accountability.

Execute program activities as assigned by the of the project coordinator, planning, coordinating and executing activities with timely reporting. Taking part in project activities’ data collection, cleaning analysis and reporting as required by DME and or project management team. Abide and part of monitoring and evaluation activities per approved policies, systems, procedures and donor requirements

Observe mission and core values of World Vision and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others

Project Goal: Reduced # of Maternal and U5 cases and deaths in Karatu District by 2022

Project Target by end of 2022

  • Direct Beneficiaries (Total: 11,936)

1. Under 5 children: 9,871

2. Pregnant women: 1,000

3. Husbands (or male partners) of pregnant women: 1,000

4. Community Health Workers (CHWs): 65

  • Indirect Beneficiaries (Total: 46,545)

1. Child caregivers: 11,770

2. Government officials: 150

3. Community people: 34,625

The project outcomes aimed at ensuring that:

  • Children and mothers access and utilize quality health care services
  • Children and mothers’ access and utilize portable water and appropriate hygiene and sanitation services
  • Monitoring and Evaluation To promotion and media exposure preparation


The Project Models: This project is an integrated Maternal and Child Health (MCH) project which combines the WASH and the gender sector laying emphasis on the health sector, and aims to contribute to achieving the goals of Tanzania’s major national development policies such as:

△ The Tanzania Development Vision 2025, △ National Five Year Development Plan II, △ Health Sector Strategic Plan IV, and △ One Plan.

The project expects improved accessibility and quality of Tanzania’s primary health care services, which will contribute to achieving The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 5 and 6 in Tanzania.


% of time Activity End Results

30% Provide technical support in preparation of divisional strategies engagement

  • Activity plans and ToR and report
  • Field Monitoring
  • Related project meeting attendance
  • The number of facilities build as stated in the goal within the year of the project implementation.
  • Create and train CBWSO groups.
  • Construction of the WASH facilities.
  • Hold water quality test.
  • Formulate CVA teams and hold public dialogues.
  • Provide support to ensure appropriate coordination of project operations in line with the donor standards
  • In coordination with Finance team, ensure all activities related to the health dockets are implemented in line with the DIP
  • As a project officer, to participate fully in the provision of safe water and sanitation/hygiene.
  • Achieving the project indicators and fulfilling the strategic imperatives of the Our promise now, can be measured through timely
  • 15% Program Compliance of hygiene and sanitation standards
  • Track and facilitate solutions for operational issues hindering implementation of program/projects plans
  • Conduct Post activities reflection meetings in coordination with project coordinator and team to inform implementation efficiency
  • Support Karatu district team in the efficient implementation of all project activities including construction of WASH infrastructures and all WASH related project activities implementation.
  • Ensure timely implementation WASH activities for the community of Karatu in accordance to project deliverables
  • Support WASH projects/programs Team Leader in ensuring compliance of all hygiene and sanitation standards and donor requirement.
  • Ensure sanitation and hygiene activities are done as per National and organisational standards.

15% Program Compliance of reporting and Grant management

  • Timely report submission as per both KOICA and World Vision Tanzania requirements.
  • Activity reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Semi-annual report
  • Annual report
  • Support Project Manager & coordinator and management in the implementation of project annual work plan review recommendations, project team meetings
  • Support project documentation through writing high-quality project activity reports for completed activities, with timely submission to project coordinator
  • Prepare and submit activity plans, requests and quality reports timely
  • Support project management team to ensure that project and organization resources while implementing project activities including fieldwork (vehicles, equipment, materials and finance) are used for the intended purpose and as per approved policies and guidelines.

20% Financial and Non-Financial resources management

  • The financial and non-financial resources management will be seen throughout the project:
  • Understand the project budget for each activity to implement.
  • Ensure activity budget expenditure is within the limit (e.g. no significant overspending or underspending)
  • To utilize and maintain the office financial and non-financial resources throughout the project implementation
  • The utilization of the office resources will be in a way that focuses deeply to save the most vulnerable children.
  • All the project budget expenditure including per diem requests is made based on World Vision Tanzania policy and KOICA guidelines.

10% Networking and external engagement

  • Support the Project Manager & coordinator to strengthen relationships with government, district teams, within the education , health, sectors and community while implementing project activities
  • Build positive work relationship with project collaborators maintaining unity and trust
  • Participate in district, community level meetings and engagements in consultation with and feedback to the Project Manager & Coordinator
  • Government and district teams responses are timely done as per requests with Project management.
  • Participating and supporting KIHEWA project activities
  • Effective coordination with Project Manager & Coordinator



Required Professional Experience At least 3 years’ in programming in an NGO and have experience and understanding of hygiene promotion and community mobilization in relation to water and sanitation activities.

Required Education,

training, license, registration, and certification

Minimum qualification required Undergraduate degree in health related subjects, or Advanced diploma in clinical medicine


Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Experience implementing CLTS, MHM, PHAST/CHAST behaviour change methodologies
  • WASH Construction and capacity building to field staff, data collection and management

Technical Skills & Abilities:

  • Computer skills.
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience in working with donor funds in an INGO environment
  • Lobbying and negotiation skills
  • Good planning and organizational skills
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with project staff and project beneficiaries
  • Monitoring and evaluation skills

Other Competencies/Attributes:

  • Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
  • Preferred: Working experience in community health project , WASH interventions
  • Perform other duties as required.
  • Travel and/or
  • Work Environment


Work environment: Office-based some travel to WVT field offices

Travel: 20% Domestic/international travel is required.



Based in Karatu Language


English and Swahili


Contact (within WV or outside WV) Reason for contact Frequency of contact

Project Manager Day to day implementation of project activities to provide admin support to ensure donor requirements are met



On need basis

WASH Technical Team Leader Provide technical support to ensure donor requirement are met for WASH technical consultation and Ensure compliance with National sanitation and hygiene standards Monthly, On need basis

Cluster Managers, Supply Chain, Finance, Operations Capacity building to cluster staffs


On need basis

EARO, WVUS and other support office Technical support and engagement, Monthly Updates, assignment on other WASH Initiatives, Fundraising opportunities, Capacity Buildings, Reporting On need basis

WASH Department Staffs Working closely with my fellow WASH staffs On need basis

Operations Department, Program Quality & Resource Development Department, Supply Chain among other Support Departments Interacting with other departments to ensure collaborative solution-driven actions are met for project successful. On need basis


Decision making as stipulated in World Vision policies and guidelines.

CORE COMPETENCIES – For all positions, select the top 3 prioritized competencies from below. Click here for a quick overview of our Core Competencies.

  • Be Safe and Resilient
  • Deliver Results
  • Build Relationships
  • Be Accountable
  • Learn and Develop
  • Improve and Innovate
  • Partner and Collaborate
  • Embrace Change

For Management positions only, select the top 2 prioritized competencies from below.

☒ Model Self-Management ☐ Engage, Influence, Lead and Grow Others

☒ Run an Effective and Agile Organisation

☐ Develop the Organisation for the Future


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