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2Job Opportunities at MS TCDC / ActionAid Denmark (AADK), Global Platform Learning Specialist

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ActionAid Denmark (AADK) together with MS TCDC is on behalf of the ActionAid Federation supporting the federations network of Youth led spaces called the Global Platform through the Global Platform Secretariat. The Global Platform network has over the past years developed as concept in developing youth programming within the ActionAid federation. For the AADK DANIDA Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA II) the overall objective will be to ensure Global Level/Federation ownership to the Global Platform Network to sustain a vibrant and global network of youth-led spaces facilitating for radical embodiment and youth-led change and spread the secretariat function among different stakeholders to ensure the concept is anchored and owned across the AA federation for stronger and better ability to support youth-led change. In the future setup of the GP Secretariat, the functions are therefore gradually divided among AA Federation members, to facilitate a global network anchored in the AA Federation. A primary partner in this will be MS TCDC as well as ActionAid Bangladesh. A GP Advisory Group will support and inform the overall strategic development of the GP concept.

MS TCDC wishes to secure the services of a self-motivated and creative 'Global Platform Learning Specialist (2 posts)'

The two positions open at the MS TCDC will support the tasks and responsibilities related to the Global Platform Secretariat especially when it comes to Learning and impact with increased focus on Climate and Humanitarian action (please indicate in the application if applying with a special focus on either Humanitarian or Climate action). The two positions of Learning Specialist will in general support the learning framework implementation and the general GP concept with a strong focus on intersectionality and reaching the most marginalized young people in humanitarian and crisis context. It is furthermore of high importance that the Global Platform network is tied around a common learning approach through peer-learning network and working together through joined global action, networking and digital platforms for transforma­tional youth led change. This includes the cooperation with social movements, alliances and other relevant stakeholders within and beyond the ActionAid federation.

The two positions in the TCDC learning team will be within a GP secretariat unit that is part of a Global Platform Secretariat team constituting the Global Secretariat based in in Denmark and Globally. A major part of the positions will be to jointly provide direct and regular concept and strategic support to the Global Platforms (22+entities and still counting) on the network development and the DANIDA SPA implementation of the involved AA Partners. This includes supporting the ongoing implementation of the GPs in programming and coordination in country groups and general cooperation around the individual GPs in SPA (15+) as well as on boarding and induction of new GP staff and volunteers around the world. Please see further information here: www.ms.dk/en/home or www.mstcdc.or.tz


  • Professional focus area: Learning Framework implementation. Time allocation: Percentage: 30%
  • Professional focus area: Design, Plan and implement Global gatherings. Time allocation: Percentage: 15%
  • Professional focus area: Thematic support Climate /Humanitarian work (state which area in the application). Time allocation: Percentage: 15%
  • Professional focus area: PMEL support to the Global Platforms. Time allocation: Percentage: 20%
  • Joined Projects between TCDC and GP Network: 20%


  • Experience with the Global Platform Network and hands on experiences from youth empowerment, working with marginalized communities and Leaving No One Behind (LNOB).
  • Learning and capacity-support experience and track record.
  • Experience and good track record on cooperating and working together young people and peer-learning methods.
  • Excellent planning and organizing competencies especially within youth driven projects.
  • Proved PMEL competences and skills related to international development projects and youth work
  • Ability to implement GP Learning methodologies and principles to support, coach and mentor GP network to enable young people to develop their own projects and implement youth led projects.
  • Excellent negotiation, coordination and facilitation skills – an advantage with experience from coordinating a global project.
  • Strategic mind-set and diplomatic in their approach.
  • Previous experience from ActionAid and specifically the Global Platform is an advantage.
  • Knowledge  and understanding around youth programming and feminist intersectional analysis.
  • Ability to work independently and with team across different regions and time zones.


  • Essential to have worked in multicultural environments and upholds standards about respect for diversity.
  • Essential to have worked professionally with learning design and development
  • Strong at networking with partners, volunteers, participants and other stakeholders;
  • Organized and structured, keeping the general overview and plan resources and timelines accordingly;
  • Able to pass on knowledge, inspire and provide constructive feedback to empower others;
  • Work in a diverse environment with people from many cultures and backgrounds.


  • Has minimum 5 years of relevant experience supervising a team, preferably in a multicultural context.
  • Minimum 5 years of post-graduate work experience and a track-record illustrating ability to create long lasting, high impact and scalable results.
  • Expert in youth led methodologies and approaches with practical experience in developing, carrying out and managing alternative learning approaches to youth projects beyond traditional learning systems
  • Experience with global activism, social work, cultural projects or civil society or youth-led organizing can be an advantage.
  • Experience with developing and managing strong partnerships with/between youth movements and organizations an advantage.
  • Experience from ActionAid Global Platforms is an advantage.
  • Preferably, experience from a capacity building position.


  • The position is offered under MS TCDC’s employment policy with a fixed term contract for three (3) years with the possibility of extension depending on the future programmatic focus and needs of MS TCDC.
  • Both positions are based in Arusha, Tanzania, in a dynamic working environment with non-formal atmosphere.
  • A basic salary under AADK salary system grade, relocation and education allowance when relevant.
  • Housing is provided by MS TCDC on campus.
  • Flexible working hours, ensuring a good work/life balance.
  • A vibrant work environment with highly committed and professional people.


Please submit your resume and an application clearly describing your motivation as well as your thoughts about the position to the following email: Jobs@mstcdc.or.tz The application deadline is on 7th of January, 2022. Would you like to know more about the position? Please contact us at complaints@mstcdc.or.tz

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